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Jan 11, 2007 12:26 AM

Hard to please father

and not just with food. That aside, need a place to take him and his work partner.

His tastes are classic, faux vegas-style upscale and big portions. He loves sparks, picholine and fresco by scotto. Big red wine drinker.

this trip, looking to try something new. No frou frou or nouveau. i took him to babbo and he didn't like it.

Am i way off with these: del posto, cru, veritas, porter house,

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  1. Wouldn't go to Veritas try Craft, delicious food and great interior also good portions

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    1. re: minimill23

      Agree with minimill23. Crafts and Porter house have better values for food, and I personally prefer Crafts. But Del Posto's decor will definitely impress your dad.

      1. re: kobetobiko

        Del Posto portions might annoy him. (I loved it, but it might not appeal to "big portions" lovers.)

        If you go, do the THREE pasta tasting sequence.

    2. What about Tribeca Grill? Great wine, not frou frou or nouveau... I think it's a great place to take a picky dad... I have one too.

      1. I always take those kind of people to The Knickerbocker, which pleases me and seems to work for everyone. You father can get a man-sized steak (a delicious one) and there are plenty of choices for everyone else. Nothing fru-fru or trendy about the place but it works and everything is good.

        1. Not my favorite steakhouse in the city, but for large portions it doesn't get much bigger than Old Homestead.

          I'd also suggest Strip House, definately in my to three favorite steakhouses...neck and neck with Sparks

          1. OK here goes...I am going to get lots of negatives for this one, BUT if you want huge portions how about Carmines? Definitely not frou frou or nouveau and the portions are huge. When I want to pig out, this is where I go. Upper West Side Location only.

            Not in line with Del Posto quality for sure, but....