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Jan 11, 2007 12:06 AM

What things in your kitchen are a necessity to have multiples of? [moved from General Chowhounding board]

As I was getting veggies ready for a salad tonight, I realized I could really benefit from more than one peeler. I use it, throw it in the dishwasher, then have to take it out two days later to use it for something else.

What have you found beneficial to have multiples of in your kitchen?

For me:

Salt (different types: iodized, kosher, fleur de sel)
Pepper (whole peppercorns, rough ground, finely ground)
Measuring cups and spoons
Large stock pots

Somehow we ended up with three blenders...I still haven't figured out how they all come in handy.

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  1. Storage containers
    Types of oil
    Types of sugar

    1. Wooden spoons
      Cookie sheets
      1/2 sheet pans
      9" stainless frying pans

      1. 2 qt saucepan (I need 2)
        muffin pans (need 2)
        1/2 sheet pans (need 2)
        little custard cups (need 10)
        3 qt mixing bowl (I need 3)
        various sugars (granulated, dark brown, confectioners)
        various chocolates (usually various types of choco chips)
        various rices (they have different tastes and purposes)
        various flours

        1. whisks
          measuring spoons
          measuring cups
          cutting boards
          Cuisinart bowls
          wooden spoons
          stock pots
          coffee makers (reg & decaf)
          mortar & pestle (3)

          1. If you do many parties, especially buffet style, it's good to have several identical serving pieces, e.g. oval casseroles. It just looks so much better to have similar ones than a typical hodgepodge out there on the table.

            The main item in the kitchen per se that I find useful to have several identical of is ss bowls, and even small glass or ss bowls for your mis en place. Also plastic storage containers. Also spatulas and spoonulas--I have switched from wooden spoons to these exclusively.