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What things in your kitchen are a necessity to have multiples of? [moved from General Chowhounding board]

As I was getting veggies ready for a salad tonight, I realized I could really benefit from more than one peeler. I use it, throw it in the dishwasher, then have to take it out two days later to use it for something else.

What have you found beneficial to have multiples of in your kitchen?

For me:

Salt (different types: iodized, kosher, fleur de sel)
Pepper (whole peppercorns, rough ground, finely ground)
Measuring cups and spoons
Large stock pots

Somehow we ended up with three blenders...I still haven't figured out how they all come in handy.

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  1. Storage containers
    Types of oil
    Types of sugar

    1. Wooden spoons
      Cookie sheets
      1/2 sheet pans
      9" stainless frying pans

      1. 2 qt saucepan (I need 2)
        muffin pans (need 2)
        1/2 sheet pans (need 2)
        little custard cups (need 10)
        3 qt mixing bowl (I need 3)
        various sugars (granulated, dark brown, confectioners)
        various chocolates (usually various types of choco chips)
        various rices (they have different tastes and purposes)
        various flours

        1. whisks
          measuring spoons
          measuring cups
          cutting boards
          Cuisinart bowls
          wooden spoons
          stock pots
          coffee makers (reg & decaf)
          mortar & pestle (3)

          1. If you do many parties, especially buffet style, it's good to have several identical serving pieces, e.g. oval casseroles. It just looks so much better to have similar ones than a typical hodgepodge out there on the table.

            The main item in the kitchen per se that I find useful to have several identical of is ss bowls, and even small glass or ss bowls for your mis en place. Also plastic storage containers. Also spatulas and spoonulas--I have switched from wooden spoons to these exclusively.

            1. 1/2 sheet pans (6)

              Bamboo/wooden spatulas (8)

              Pepper mills (4)

              1. 1/2 sheet pans, silicon spatulas, wooden spoons, cutting boards, mixing bowls of various styles.

                If we're talking about food items let's not. If I buy another type of vinegar I think my husband will divorce me. And I currently own at least 7 different types of salt. I'm a pantry pack rat.

                1. coffee grinders. for coffee and for various spices

                  1. stainless steel bowls. lots of them.

                        1. In addition to above listed:
                          s&p mills/shakers
                          pot holders
                          tons others, cabinets and drawers are bulging

                          1. Spatulas
                            paring knives, Forschner, I buy them by the 1/2 doz.
                            wooden spoons
                            2qt sauce pans
                            10" skillets
                            sheet pans
                            8-9-10" round cake pans
                            cooling racks
                            mixing bowls
                            mise en place bowls

                            1. Say if you only had $500.00 to buy all your gear what would you buy?
                              I've think thats lots of fun. You can always buy more gear but eventually space runs out and you need a bigger kitchen.

                              1. Several of my top ones are;

                                10- Half Size sheets
                                5- Full Size (3 metal/2 fiberglass).
                                However, confessions are that about half are devoted to the kitchen and the rest are for other household duties. Crafts, laundry, office, etc...

                                6- Three Quart sauce pans
                                5- Seven Inch coated Fry/egg/omelet skillets
                                3- Eight inch coated Fry/egg/omelet skillets
                                3- Fourteen inch coated Texas Fry/egg/omelet skillets

                                24- Mystery spoons.
                                Not quite a double size table spoon. Many mixed up descriptions. Although there are references to them being a serving spoon, I probably would come unglued at the seams if I would find them being used to serve MP (mashed potatoes). Bad enough as a kid when mom used to pull the large serving spoons out of the MP and slip in an ice tea spoon. MAH!


                                1. half sheet pans
                                  measuring spoons/cups
                                  serving platters/bowls
                                  stainless steel/glass bowls
                                  2 bowls for my stand mixer
                                  cake/tart pans
                                  variety of oils/sugar/flour/chocolate/vanilla/salt etc.

                                  1. beaters for the electric mixer (4 pairs)

                                    1. Cookie sheets
                                      pizza pans
                                      metal scrapers
                                      Pizza peels
                                      bread pans, metal and glass
                                      glass measuring cups
                                      flour sifters
                                      pastry brushes
                                      digital timers
                                      coffee grinders (Three) - one for spices, one for pepper, one for coffee

                                      1. I have four wonderful squared-off plate-bowls that are standardized pieces made by a potter who lives about three hours south of DC. They're excellent for a big serving of pasta (esp. with a thin or generous portion of sauce) or soup or stew, but are also excellent to use as serving dishes for sides. And the right size to wrap up leftover pieces of roast to put in the fridge. Or to bake a casserole-for-two. I'll probably get another two and then call it quits buying them.

                                        I also have three sets of china -- one casual blue, one fancy red, and one set of Imari with reds & blues that blends the two other sets together if I have to feed more than 8 people at a meal.

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                                          That blended china is a great idea.

                                          1. re: HWiley

                                            That reminds me...I have to buy another set or two.
                                            I'm in love with them.

                                          2. Micro-plane grater- 3 different sizes
                                            1/2 sheet pans-4
                                            cooling racks-4
                                            garlic presses- 2
                                            spring loaded tongs- 4 sets
                                            vegetable peelers- 3
                                            measuring cups and spoons- 3 each
                                            8'chef's knives- 3 (seems to be the only big knife I use)
                                            3-4" parers 4- (only "small" knife I use)
                                            various small bowls for mis-enplace - maybe 15
                                            Flour sack towels- 12ish
                                            11-12 skillets 2 each non-stick and stainless
                                            "tasting" spoons 2 doz. I keep them next to the stove to taste and add ingredients etc.(keeps me from getting in trouble when there are no "good" spoons left for the table.)

                                            1. 4 jelly roll pans (used as cookie sheets)
                                              measuring cups (ss and glass) & spoons--two sets of stainless steel + odd sizes & a full set of glass + 3 extras
                                              spatulas, spoonulas (never enough), scrapers
                                              paring knives
                                              serving spoons
                                              small sauce pans
                                              pottery and glass mixing bowls
                                              custard cups--never enough--I like vintage Pyrex & Fry
                                              cooling racks for Christmas cookies
                                              I had multiple bowls for my old KitchenAid, it's a good thing
                                              cutting boards (5)
                                              [I'm not admitting how many sets of dinnerware I have]

                                              1. -silpats
                                                -paring knives
                                                -chefs knives (DH & I both prep)
                                                -2nd small KitchenAid bowl
                                                -cutting boards (3 - 2 bamboo and 1 plastic)\
                                                -little bowls (?10) for mis-en-place
                                                -cooling racks
                                                -bread pans
                                                -2 medium sauce pans
                                                -cookie sheets (2)
                                                - jelly roll pans (3)\
                                                -silicone spatula/spoonulas (3)
                                                -wooden spoons (3)
                                                -spoon measuring set (3!)
                                                -pyrex 2c. measuring cups (2)
                                                I'm sure there are more duplicates, but these are used often!

                                                1. definitely salts and peppers!
                                                  I can never have enough measuring spoons, cups, or pyrex bowls
                                                  chefs knives
                                                  cutting boards--I have about 10, most of which are those flexible thin ones, and I seem to go through them constantly!
                                                  heat-proof silicone spatulas
                                                  NEVER have enough parchment!
                                                  SS spatulas
                                                  half-sheet pans (I have like 8 now of various vintage)
                                                  wooden spoons

                                                  Finally, I really feel like I need TWO dishwashers. LOL

                                                  1. measuring spoons-6 sets, some are odd sizes
                                                    dry measuring cups 3 sets
                                                    liquid measuring cups 3 1Cup, 1 2Cup, 2 4Cup
                                                    veg. peelers 5
                                                    wooden cooking forks 5
                                                    various spatulas and rubber scrapers
                                                    assorted tart tins in different sizes and depths
                                                    4 rolling pins each different
                                                    3 1/2 sheet pans
                                                    2 1/4 sheet pans
                                                    4 cheesecake pans various sizes
                                                    This list could go on and on and then I would have to admit i have too much stuff so I am stopping

                                                    1. plastic flex cutting boards
                                                      grinders - I have one for spices, one for coffee, and a mortar and pestle, and I still wish I had at least one more grinder and another mortar and pestle or two.