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Jan 11, 2007 12:04 AM

how's Cafe Boulud?

Thinking of going here friday with the husband. how is it here? any suggestions on what to order?

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  1. Good Service..Bit stuffy..Room nothing special...Pricey.... Food is good, but not great...Go to Jean Georges for FABULOUS food at 1/2 the price in a beautiful setting.

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    1. re: DoctortedNYC

      thanks. I have been to Jean Georges and yes your words FABULOUS. then any other suggestions?

    2. There are a lot of previous posts on Cafe Boulud that you might want to look at:

      1. I would agree with Doc...when I ate their a few months back I found it to be very underwhelming...not to be too negative but the whole projected "more informal" vibe is totally way-off...I think I was the only one under 50 and not in a tie at 6.30pm...granted it did loosen up a bit as the night went on but going in at 6.30 I was shocked at how stilted and stuffy the atmosphere was. But the biggest disappointment was the room! Geez...I felt like I was in a try-to-hard motorlodge dining room from 1972. IMO the room is dreadful! Think marriot conference room with a couple of glitter balls, mirrors and weirdly positioned columns forcing the tables into spaces that just don't seem right...really disappointed in the layout.

        As for the food?!! Ok but nothing more than ok. For the price I expected a lot more and won't be back.

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        1. re: Scotty100

          I also agree. I was rather disappointed by the food & the overall experience. Both staff and guests were rather stuffy. As a younger couple, I felt the waiter brushed us off quite a bit. We have no plans on going back, there are many other restaurants at that price point that are far superior.

        2. I have been to Boulud twice for dinner and did not find the place "stuffy," per se. It was definitely formal and 'old school' if you will, but everyone was extremely friendly and accomodating. (FYI, I am 24, but was dinning with a couple in their 50's).

          My first meal was absolutely delicious. I had a scallop dish and it was perfect. The second time, I was underwhelmed. I got the monkfish dish and, perhaps it's because I don't like monkfish, but I found the fish very tough and all around unappealing.

          1. I have been to Cafe Boulud for both lunch and dinner, both times with othe twenty year olds (with jeans to boot) and do not find it stuffy. Yes the room is pedestrian and the layout is not great, but service was attentive and helpful.
            The food is foamless and really great. I love the mushroom soup. But the best things must be the madeleines. I went back the second time just to have the after-dinner madeleines that they serve to each table regardless of how much you ordered.
            Oh and the last time my teenage cousin and I were invited into the kitchen for a tour for some inexplicable reason. A fun treat!