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any big wine store in brooklyn?

im lookin for a good, huge selection wine store in brooklyn, i like henrick in bay ridge, but i still thinking it's a bit too small & too little of selection, any other choices? i used to live in NJ for the last 2 years, their wine store usually is nice & big tho, i love california & washington wines a lot. any suggestion?

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  1. Red, White, and Bubbly on 5th ave. in Park Slope?

    1. Why do you need a "big store"?
      The biggest one I know of of any quality is Heights Chateau, but there are so many great middle and small size stores in Brooklyn, each with different strenghts and weaknesses.How many choices do you possibly need?

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        the reason why im asking that, because there are a few particular wine im currently lookin for but i really couldnt find it anyway in brooklyn... there are a few brands from california no one seems to carry... i have been to at least 5 local wine stores but no one could order those for me either.

        i dont wanna to go to the city to get a few btl of wines.

        btw, where is heights chateau?

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          What are you looking for specifically? Maybe one of us has seen it somewhere. Heights Chateau is between henry and clinton on atlantic.

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          Totally agree with Heights Chateau, probably the best wine store in BK. Plus they have a great organic section.
          On the other side of town I have fallen in love with Gnarly Vine on Myrtle, Bryan is super friendly and they have a great selection at all price points.
          Red White and Bubbly, Smith and Vine, and many other neighborhood spots are great. Although I'm not in love with Green Grape in FT. Greene.

        3. It's probably not huge by Jersey standards, but Heights Chateau has a pretty good selection of California and Washington wines. Atlantic, between Henry and Clinton.

          1. big does not mean well stocked or knowledgeable, conversely small does not mean acommodating or resourceful, finally Brooklyn is a big place - where are you looking? The downtown area (Slope -> Dumbo) has quite a number of wine shops, and every 'liqour' store in the area is removing their bullet proof boxes/cages and tryitg to enhance appeal, so its a buyers market.

            In my un-scientific survey once you go south and west (Kensington, Bed-Stuy) I can't really comment until you get to the 'Bays (Bay Ridge, Sheepshead Bay, Coney Island) out there there are a number of HUGE russian owned liqour stores, which though they look like your dad's "Best Buy" actually have amazing selections. Specifically a place neaar Totonnos on Neptune and 10th (?)

            Hts Chateau seems to deal with the importers/merchants that i see in many wine stores of the same caliber. Try to find out who the distributor/merchant is that handles the product you are looking for and contact them for retailer locations.

            Do your brands/wineries have websites or emails? you could drop them a query for distributors, do you have an old bottle? you should see an importer/merchant stamped somewhere on there.

            Hope this helps

            1. Slope Cellars in the Slope – 7th Ave bet 14th & 15th. Not enormous, but a very ample selection of wines and spirits, very knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices and great in-store tastings. They also have a discount card for frequent customers which I like. www.slopecellars.com

              On the hand there’s a liquor store in Cobble Hill – Court and Baltic I think? – that still has the bullet-proof cocoon in place. You point to what you want and they give it to you through some type of hyperbaric chamber. I throw back to when the neighborhood was a bit grittier and not infested with transient yuppies. So if you’re looking for Cisco, Night Train or some Wild Irish Rose this is your place.

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                do you by any chance know the name of the place that sells cisco?

              2. Just about every wine store on in the Slope that I have been is great customer service wise. 7th Avenue, Shawns, Red White and Bubbly, Big Nose Full Body. You have your pick. If there is something specific you're looking for maybe you can call ahead and see if they have it.

                1. definitely recommend Best Buy in Coney Island on Neptune Avenue.

                  Ask for Victoria or Eddie. They deal with some of the smaller importers and distributors and can help you find some more unusual stuff.

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                    i totally agree with best buy. most brooklyn wine shops, while friendly(espicially all of the park slope mentioned ones), can't compete with their selection. do your homework first, they do not have any "shelf talkers"(RP 91, WS 92, etc). i saw plenty of those under $15, but you have to be knowledgable in advance to spot them. cheers!

                  2. Try Fermented Grapes on 651 Vanderbilt Ave by Prospect Place. If they don't have your particular wine in stock, Debbie will order it for you.

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                      the wine exchange on vanderbilt, in its polished glory, has a great selection and is one of the less expensive shops in the area.

                    2. Long's on 5th between 79 and 80 streets has a pretty good selection. If you're willing to travel a few minutes (and a toll!), try Pete Milano's on Forest Ave on SI....HUGE selection and very knowledgable.

                      1. Someone mentioned Shawns on 7th Ave. -- my rec, stay outta' there or at least avoid the owner or manager who's one of the few in there above the age of 25. The young cashiers are fine, but this guy (bearded) shouldn't be in a business dealing with the public!

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                          I second that. He's really weirdly nasty. I heard him cursing really loudly on New Year's Eve about being open on New Year's Day. It was so inappropriate that I left.

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                            THANK you! i'm glad it's not just me (and my other half..) then. that sounds so typical of my experience, and i just needed to know if even ANYone had similar experiences -- and now I know!

                        2. My two favorites in Brooklyn are Red White Bubbly, and Best Buy. I live near Red White Bubbly, and I find their selection of affordable wines to be the best. However, since you have to get in a car, and like the "bigness" of the NJ wine stores, I think you'll appreciate best buy. He has a phenomenal selection of wines from the U.S., and an equally excellent seclection of imports. He also has a parking lot.

                          1. hmmm... Not a fan of Red, White and Bubbly, kind of mean when I asked about buying 14 cases of booze for my wedding. Shawns has always been very nice. Wine Exchange and Fermented Grapes always helpful, Gary's of Flatbush - very nice. We used to love Mei Chi (sp?) on Flatbush near Plaza, great staff but the owner is kind of a rogue landlord... Good luck....

                            1. There is also the Brooklyn Wine Exchange, on Court St. near Atlantic (just a couple doors down from Trader Joe's):

                              Not sure how they fare on selection of domestic wines. They are a decent-sized store, though.

                              Brooklyn Wine Exchange
                              138 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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                                Try qwikerliquor.com. They have popular stores listed on the homepage which have a couple of popular stores from brooklyn listed..