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Jan 10, 2007 11:06 PM

Best food finds at Costco? [old]

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Can anyone share their experiences with food from Costco..especially the fresh and frozen prepared food..but even their bulk food like cheeses and olive oil? I just bought and tried the marinated Alaskan salmon, prepackaged in individual servings. It was truly horrible. Extemely salty and just awful. I tried the frozen cooked lamb shanks. They were very good but the sauce had a slightly sweet mint taste. I like the large pans of frozen lasagne but everytime I cook it, the cheese crust burns. I really like the frozen Italian meatballs. The current Kirkland frozen shrimp are good. I really like the french feta cheese.


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  1. most of their cheese is fairly solid, in particular their tillamook 2 yo aged white cheddar. I haven't found a can't miss frozen prepared food but i keep trying. Here in Eugene Oregon they have one of the best meat counters in town. Actual butchers instead of celophane jockeys.

    1. The "panda" potstickers are always in my freezer just in case. I always keep a bag of Kirkland meatballs on hand as well. These make a nice addition to my daughter's pasta, a nice sandwich, or a potluck favorite in the crock pot.

      1. I find that I am almost always disappointed by pre-marinated anything. It just never works for me, so I've never tried their marinated salmon.

        I've never tried their packaged lasagna, but you could put foil over the lasagna to keep the cheese from bunning and then just remove it to let it get brown at the end of cooking time (I do that with my homemade lasagna anyway).

        I adore that french feta! It's wonderful, isn't it?

        I like their vegetarian egg rolls (mini size), huge plastic container of kalamatas, most cheeses, big containers of salad greens (usually, if fresh-looking). Also, they have decent ravioli/tortellini and pretty good frozen pizzas--I like the super-thin crust kind that comes three to a box. Very light and decent for frozen pizza. Also, I like their huge bag of french green beans in the frozen section. Even though I'm not a big frozen veggie person, they definitely do in a pinch.

        They also have very good olive oil. Every 6 months or so I buy their gigantic bag of flour and portion it into gallon freezer bags (this makes a HUGE mess) and store them in the freezer so they remain fresh. Can't get a better deal on flour, and then you're not always running out.

        Not really whatyou asked, but they also sell half-sheet pans two to a package with a quarter-sized sheet pan for $15. Love that.

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          I've found marinades to be somewhat disappointing in general... try using dry rubs on your seafood and meats!

          Agree on the feta... also, their pesto sauce is great for being a store-bought...

        2. There rotisserie chickens come in handy on busy nights or to make a quick chicken salad. I also like their prepared greek salad if you feel to lazy to put one together yourself. I also regularly buy the hummus in the refrig case - don't know the brand, but they have a plain and a pepper one - both of which are good. They also sell Stacy's Pita Chips.

          In the bread section, they sell these rectangular bagel bar type things, I think they are called energy bars. But they have nuts, and dried fruit in them. They don't always have them, but when they do I buy a bag. They are individually wrapped and a easy, healthy breakfast.

          Last week I tried some terriyaki chicken meatballs that were in the refrigerator case. They ingredients looked good, but they were soooo salty. Couldn't eat them.

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          1. re: JennyHunter

            They've gotten pretty creative with that rotisserie chicken. Now they've got a chicken noodle soup made with it and a chicken salad they make with it. Almost bought the chicken salad but figured $8/lb was a little high for it.

            1. re: JennyHunter

              Have not been able to get rotisserie chickens in my Costco since it was renovated a couple of years ago. They replaced the rotisserie with a steam convection oven, and the chickens come out too dark at one end and too light, almost white, at the other. Staff there told me the rotisserie chick had an oyster sauce prep, but now they just spray with Sprite. Yes Sprite!

            2. I've been happy with everything I've tried from their bakery.

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              1. re: Newkie

                Their croissants aren't REAL croissants. Sort of in the same class as Safeway's.

                1. re: Sharuf

                  Well, they are made with real butter, but in a central bakery, then frozen and delivered for bake-off. Their fresh baked breads and rolls are also bake-off.

                  1. re: jayt90

                    They used to have unbaked frozen croissants that you thawed overnight and baked at home. They were good, if a little fluffy. Dunno if they still sell them.

                    They also had these gigantic muffins - seriously, like five in one - filled with poppy seeds and dried fruit. Soooo good. But really bad for you, of course.

                    Other goodies: cheese (they have artisanal cheeses at ours), bulk veggies (romaine hearts, baby carrots, etc.), vacu-packed fresh pasta, cereal.

                    1. re: piccola

                      TJ's has frozen croissants that you thaw overnight... just like the real deal!!

                      1. re: random amblings

                        Unfortunately, no TJ's in Canada. Sigh.

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                          Weirdly, the TJ's frozen croissants make me and my mother feel ill for a couple of hours after we eat them. We are the most non-allergic, non-feeble people you would every come across, and yet we have this strange reaction. My sister loves those croissants and they don't bother her at all. At some point I even dug the box out of the trash to see if there was an exotic ingredient included. Nope. One of the mysteries of life.