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Jan 10, 2007 10:50 PM

Azami: Viva La Eh

Let's be honest here, this place is mediocre. I went last night for the second time, and felt the same way I did after my first visit: it's not bad, it's not that expensive, it's not sceney, the fish isn't un-fresh, and in an area of L.A. with scant sushi options, I understand why it's popular.

But as much as it's not bad, it's just as equally not good. There is nothing exceptional about this place. It's pretty standard-issue. I don't understand how anyone could love this place and rave about it when there are so many better options around.

And the service sucks too.

In a word...Ehhhhhhhh.

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  1. I agree!

    Where else is good in the area? We were just saying last night that there aren't such great sushi spots locally. I like the one on Highland and Franklin.

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    1. re: RoniRoni

      I'm not aware of the one at Highland and Franklin. What's it called?

    2. I liked Azami but there are other places I like more like Horozen for one. Service was actually one of the highlights. Just tried Irori - NOW THAT IS GOOD.

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      1. re: blackbookali

        I agree that Hirozen is definitely superior to Azami. Hirozen offers some interesting specials that many other sushi restaurants don't offer, and their specials change significantly from season to season. I especially like their Tasmanian Sea Trout, which they usually have, and in summer they offer Tiny Fish (can't remember the Japanese name), very good.

        Sushi Park, at Sunset and Alta Loma (right above the Pita Pit) is very good, and very expensive. He serves traditional sushi a la Nozawa (not as good as Nozawa, but not bad either).

        If you're into rolls, Hamasaku (Santa Monica near Sepulveda) is fantastic. Ask for Toshi.

        1. re: thegrifter

          Irori Japanese Restaurant
          4371 Glencoe Avenue #B-4 (at Mindanao)
          Marina del Rey #310.822-3700

          I believe that one of the Irori owners used to be a sushi chef at Hide Sushi on Sawtelle in West LA. He left to join his friend at this sushi bar. Most of the relevant posts about Irori on this site are quite favorable.

        2. yeah, azami was good on a 1st visit, but then on second visit there it just wasn't that great (boring, sort of fresh but not the best) and not cheap either though not pricey too.

          1. I rec that place for a cheaper, more affordable omakase - and actually I think the service there is one of the highlights (but both times I went it was fairly slow) and we got pretty good attention with the chef. Not sure if it suffered since August/September (my last trip).