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Jan 10, 2007 10:49 PM

Big T's BBQ (Kansas City)

Has anyone tried Big T's BBQ across the street from LC's BBQ on Blue Parkway? I also think Big T's has another location out south at 95th and Blue Ridge. Has anyone been to either location? Good? Bad? Thanks

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  1. IBig T's is best in KC

    I've eaten at Big T's quite a bit, both the Blue Parkway location and on Blue Ridge. It is great, the location on Blue Parkway is much nicer but the food is excellent at either location. In the last few months my dad and I have started a new thing, meeting for lunch each Saturday at a different BBQ joint. Big T's is my favorite. The portions are large, everything is good.. sometimes for a snack I drop by and get a quart of baked beans.

    1. Wow. Opening a place across the street from LC"s takes a major pair of.....
      It wil be interesting to read the local responses.

      1. actually last time i went to big t's it was around supper time. big t's was packed to the door, drove past LC's on my way home and there wasn't even a car in the lot. i think LC's is kind of pricey for what you get.

        1. I work down the road from Big T's on Blue Parkway and have frequented them on several occasions. Their previous location near 84th and Blue Ridge burned down.

          I enjoy the BBQ! My challenges are their slow service and lack of parking. Today I waited 25+ minutes for my food once I ordered. While I was there during the lunch hour they ran out of beef. This is unacceptable during a Friday lunch hour to run out of beef.

          I hope they improve. I will go again, but will find a better time to go when they are less busier.

          1. Since this got revived -- I did a side-by-side comparison of Big T's burnt ends with LC's on a trip through KC earlier this year. Apologies to you bbq_lover but Big T's didn't compare (neither the meat nor the sauce). LC's fries are also far better -- Big T's were the standard Sysco grade frozen stuff. And this was the worst order of burnt ends I've had at LC's incidentally.

            Pricewise, it was excellent.

            That said, it was only one visit and I've been to LC's numerous times. But with all of the great BBQ in KC, the burnt ends didn't compel me to rush back.

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              sounds like a bad experience. the slow service is my only complaint at T's. don't understand how you didn't like the burnt ends though, must have been a bad day all around. i eat there at least once a week in addition to a weekly saturday bbq lunch with my dad and big t's is the best all around place in town.

              1. re: MSPD

                Sorry but I can agree to disagree because I really like Big T's and I 've had L' C although I liked it Big T's was my favorite

                1. re: cunglory

                  Keep in mind you're responding to opinions from three years ago.