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financial district lunch HELP!

i am in desperate need for new options for lunch in the financial district.
please help.

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  1. Do you like Les Halles on John Street? I personally have always enjoyed my meals there. The best mussels I ever had in Manhattan came from Les Halles.

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      I really want to like Les Halles but find it very inconsistent. Read the reviews on menupages.com.

    2. The new English import sushi joint in the WFC is pretty good. Names escapes me.

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        That's Itsu. It will only work for people like fusion-Japanese (not remotely close to authentic). It's more like spa food...

        Where have you been going for lunch in the past? If you do a search in the Manhatton there have been several discussion on dining options in downtown...

      2. my favorite is now ACQUA at Peck Slip, a pionieer in the south Street Seaport Historic District formerly known as Quartino. Nice atmosphere, friendly service and great great authentic healthy Italian food. previously owned by a grouf of italian medical doctors is now the beloved project of two Italian journalist who eat there with their friends and colleagues. It's like 'Cucina Di Mamma" but run by a great chef, Mr. Santoro, born and educated in the culinary arts in Italy.

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            Acqua is good. The poster may also want to do a sort on menupages.com by the "financial district" neighborhood. Donald Sachs in the WFC center is good, Suspenders on the West Side near Exchange is pubby but has good food. Mangia is okay, but casual (probably not appropriate for a business lunch). Zaitzeff is good, small & a little pricey but fresh/organic. There a lots of new restaurants pening on Front Street near Acqua if you want the East side.

          2. Bull Run is down there, but I don't know much about it.

            1. financier pattisere they have multiple locations in the financial district.

              1. Ryan MacGuire's on Cliff Street is a favorite with locals. Pubby, but reasonable and good food. Closed weekends.

                1. You probably have tried it but Fraunce's Tavern on Pearl St. is got killer specials. Their regular menu is nothing to cry about.

                  1. Get a fantastic (if more low-brow lunch) at Alfanoose at 8 Maiden Lane. The best falafel you'll ever have. Then get a mexican hot chocolate at the cafe across the street.

                    1. Nothing great:

                      Ise - Dependable sushi on Pine Street
                      Mark Joseph - Pretty good steakhouse, on Front, I believe. Its a bit of a hike from Wall Street
                      Alfanoose - Very good felafel on Maiden Lane. Get there early or wait in line,

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                        Mark Joseph is on Water off of Peck Slip (it's really close to Front). I must try Alfanoose, I've always heard it was really good (and these posts confirm) but have never been. If the poster have time to venture from Wall to Front, Barbarini is another affordable/casual lunch place. Food is pretty fresh - salads, sandwiches and such. Barbarini has a few tables or you can take it "to go." There is a new trattoria on Front next to Carmine's - Il Brigade or something like that. Has a pretty good lunch crowd. I have tried a salad, pizza and fish (dinner last night). We all felt dinner was okay (pasta was the best). More of a lunch place. The way to go is probably pasta or pizza. They still need to get the kinks out, it's new.

                      2. Harry's has a great sit-down lunch -- good sandwiches, salads and entrees.

                        1. I work in the FD and have gone to most of the restaurants for business lunches or personal lunch. Acqua is definitely a favorite, although a little out of the way, it is worth the walk, especially during the warmer months. Trinity at liberty square is a great option, nice scene, decent food. Financier is a faorite for a crossait and cafe au lait as well as a a great crouque monsuier. I do not think any of the steakhouse down here are anything great and would go uptown (or lugers). Adrienne's pizza bar (near Ulyssess) is also a favorite, but at lunchtime it is a zoo. PJ Clarke's for burgers (although not as good as uptown). Les halles, which again not as good as uptown, but decent.