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date with someone i only drunkenly know...

so, we had a few drinks, and then a few more.
low and behold he actually called in daylight hours.
now i am stuck with a future dinner date and no location.

live in carroll gardens, willing to dine in brooklyn
reasonable fare, lowkey atmosphere.
cusine flexible.

first date options, anyone?

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  1. How about Boca Luppo? You can keep on drinking, the lighting is low and the food is small plate Italian, so it won't set you back too much. Enjoy.

    1. Not to sound like Dr. Phil, but it sounds like you're not really up for this guy. Try a harshly lit diner-type place like Gravy or Union Smith Cafe and say nice knowin' you after he pays the bill.

      1. Try SteinHoff on the weekend, crowded, so you can pretend not to hear him. Food is good, can order small or large.

        But why did you say yes to a date?

        1. to clear things up, this really isnt me but rather a friend.
          she is interested in the man but is unsure of where to go and what to do.
          he is very attractive so she would want to avoid the dim lighting.
          good food is a plus.

          1. Sorta changes the whole nature of the post then, doesn't it?

            1. Chestnut or Lucali (for pizza). Or maybe even Quercy.

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                Chestnut good idea. Lucali no. Will likely have a wait, which would be awkward, outside in the cold on a first date. ANd you'd have to bring wine too, and if you don't end up going there, you got to lug wine around all night. Not good. (though the pizza sure is!)

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                  lucali's is actually a great idea - the atmosphere is great, and if you put your name on the list they'll call you when the table is ready. last time we went and had coffee/beer at naidre a few blocks up on henry. it was a really nice night overall.

                  1. re: kazhound

                    i stand corrected! Didn't know they'd call you on cell. 100% endorsement as I loved my evening there recently.

              2. Cafe Cubana? It's cheap and casual and you can drink the mojitos to cut down on awkward factor

                1. Go to Frankie's on Court. If it's going well then go across the street to Mini-bar for after dinner drinks.

                  If you live closer to other end of Smith/Court, try Sample.

                  1. Go to Lucali's! Bring your own beer or wine. Sit out on the bench while you wait. It's pizza so it is casual, but with the candle light, has a very slight romantic feel.

                    Or, you could go to Long Tan and eat at the bar. Not the best thai, but when you eat at the bar, they have some cheap specials, and there are a lot of distractions, so there is always something to talk about.

                    Chipshop is also a fun place to sit at the bar and get some silly food and have small talk.

                    1. Just a few rambling thoughts:

                      + great food, charming atmosphere, BYO, inexpensive, near the F train.
                      - Closed Tuesdays, no reservations so you might have a long wait

                      Frankie's 457:
                      + great food, charming atmosphere, cheap wine, inexpensive, near the F train.
                      - No reservations so you might have a long wait

                      + great food, good atmosphere, takes reservation, Super-cheap Prix Fixe on Tues and Wed
                      - Might be a little expensive for a first date with a semi-stranger (maybe $65 for 2, plus wine, tax, tip can bring it to $100 easy). Super-cheap Prix Fixe on Tues and Wed makes someone look cheap.

                      Cafe Cubana:
                      + Super-fun, inexpensive, great drinks, great music
                      - very specific menu
                      ? Don't know what it's like in winter

                      1. I know this is not a Chowhound favorite by a long shot, BUT I've been in a similar predicament and Pacifico ended up being a memorable choice for fun, though not great, mexican (I like the "mexican meatballs" and the queso fondue dip app) and very strong margaritas. Get a pitcher on the rocks, you'll be feeling no pain (or inhibitions). Have fun.

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                          Agreed that Pacifico is a good laid-back choice. I used it for pretty much the same purpose once.

                        2. How about Lunetta on Smith St? Small plates, kinda noisy, great food.

                          1. I second Lunetta. OR The good old Robin Du Bois. Great atmosphere.

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                              good idea! i always forget about RdB lately.