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Jan 10, 2007 10:06 PM

Epicurean Cutting Boards - Slippery as hell?

I recently bought a 9 by 12 Epicurean "wood fibre" board.

Excellent in every regard EXCEPT it slips and slides over any formica type counter top, even worse when wet. Real wood boards don't do this and the solutions of always putting a towel under it or adding suction cups( from the oh so helpful twerp at Williams Somona; no I bought it at Zabars) seem excessive.

Any comments or advice?


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  1. adding a wet towel under is an OLD professional kitchen trick. Been done for more years than any of us recall. Yes and with wood ones as well. And if you chop for hours, as one can in a pro kitchen, even that slight cushioning helps!

    1. Quine is right about the ancient wet towel. I've also seen that rubbery shelf liner mesh stuff used to good effect.

      1. I don't know if it would work for your board, but it does wonders on my wooden board. I use the foamy shelf liner from BB&B. A piece will generally keep its hold for about six months before needing to be replaced.

        1. Damp - not wet - use barely dampened paper or fabric towels under your boards that slide - that will hold it. Wet towels will ruin your wood over time. Non-slip shelf liner also works. (I prefer damp paper towels so when I flip my board - use the one side for veg, the other for meat - it's easier clean-up.)

          1. That foamy shelf liner from BB&B can do anything! I bought some for our new house the other day because I figured it was better than that old sticky stuff. It's amazing and WOULD be ideal for the cutting board issue.