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Jan 10, 2007 09:45 PM

MCSlim covers Waltham

Nice job. Dry-fried eel? Gotta get over to Beijing Star...

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  1. Good job MC. I gotta get out to La Campania.

    1. Thanks, folks!

      I have to say I was surprised by how much La Campania has evolved from its early years. It did fairly simple, rustic Neapolitan food ten years ago (I think it's been that long), but has grown up into something rather more refined (and expensive). That's one place I might have overlooked and forgotten if not for posts over the past couple of years on this board.

      I was glad to give Beijing Star and Mi Tierra some attention; I don't think I've ever seen them reviewed anywhere else. I miss regular lunches there, now that I'm back working in the city.

      My beloved wasn't enthralled by Beijing Star: I guess some people will find the cuisine a bit bland. Not much like it around, though. I still need to get over to Qingdao and Wang's sometime.

      I hope some more Anglos get over to Taqueria El Amigo. I seem to be the only one speaking fractured Spanish whenever I'm there. They've put cabeza on the printed menu, so I'm guessing it's not just a sometime special anymore.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        We've been to Beijing Star several times, and I've really liked the yushang eggplant. MC, did you have any other non-pork recommendations that didn't get included in the review?

        1. re: Bluebell

          Sichuan boiled beef, spicy tripe appetizer, beef xiao ping , leek pie, baby shrimp with egg, Chinese okra, bok choy with mushrooms, most of the soup noodle dishes. Some of my recs in the article can be done vegetarian or with other meats. I actually don't think the Sichuan stuff is their long suit, but it is certainly better than their American-Chinese dishes, which are mostly forgettable.

      2. Yes, great piece, MCSlim! I'm always happy to see more people encouraged to check out Taqueria El Amigo -- it's my favorite taqueria in the greater Boston area. I'm long overdue for some of their amazing carnitas.

        Excellent job picking out the most chowish places and pointing to their highlights. I used to work there as well and I miss the scene - it was a fun area to go searching for lunchtime greatness.

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        1. re: MichaelB

          You're too kind! It was very difficult to choose only five. I actually wrote shorter entries than usual so I could fit more. Places I might have included with more space: Sadie's, Carl's, Sushi Yasu (for its Korean), Baan Thai or Tree Top Thai.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I've been meaning to get to El Amigo for a while now since I heard you mention it. My friends usually head toward Taqueria Mexico on Charles St simply because they serve beer. I know that's not a chowish reason, but the food is good and we like to drink when we get together.

            I love the pupusas at Mi Tierra, so I haven't tried anything else yet. Any other suggestions here? It's right around the corner from me and last time I was there a few people had these enourmous soups that looked great for a cold day.

        2. The MC is always a revealing read. I never miss it.

          BTW, MS Slim JB, new editor over there? Gonna be any changes to what you do so well?

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          1. re: Bostonbob3

            Michael Brodeur took over as The Dig's Food + Drink editor last summer from Ruth Tobias, who's back to freelancing full-time. Michael used to edit the Music section, has managed the Food section before at different times, and contributes all over the pub in addition to writing a lot of restaurant reviews (I contribute maybe once a month). He's like everyone I've interacted with at The Dig: whip-smart, funny, very easy to work with. They've always been receptive to the ideas I've pitched, have come up with some good ones for me, and are light-handed editors.

          2. Great job, MC. I definitely want to try three of these places (Beijing Star, Mi Terra, and Taquería El Amigo), as well as a few others not mentioned in the area (Carl's and Guanachapi's, to name two).