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Jan 10, 2007 09:34 PM

New skillet makes horrible sound against burner--can I make it better?

I got a Cuisinart Chef's Classic hard-anodized nonstick 12-inch skillet for Christmas. I can't give a review of it yet because I've been afraid to use it: If I move it at all when it's sitting on the 4-prong metal burners of my old gas stove, the friction between burner and pan makes a HORRIBLE, high-pitched, blood-curdling shrieking noise. Please understand that I am not crazy: this is seriously bad, like fingernails on a chalkboard. I've never experienced this before--my other pans make, if anything, an inoffensive scrape when I move them on the burners. What's different with this pan, I guess, it that is heavier than some of my cookware (inexpensive Calphalon hard-anodized set that we registered for at Target when we got married and I wish I had never seen--turned out not to be good quality) and smoother on the bottom than some other pieces (Lodge cast-iron). Can I do anything--maybe sandpaper the bottom of the pan or the burners? Or do I just have to get used to it and avoid shaking/nudging the pan?

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    1. I wouldn't sand paper your burners at the expense of making one pan sound nicer. I think this is a "get used to it" kind of deal.

      1. LOL, my favorite Calphalon "everyday pan" does the same thing. Hate the noise, love the pan. I just work around it, though occasionally I do forget and scrape it across my (also gas) burner.

        That never fails to get a helluva response from the combined kitchen/den. Ahh, the joys of "open design" homes. ;-)