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Jan 10, 2007 09:32 PM

Best Peking Duck in Baltimore/surrounding areas - no DC, please

Where can I find one that's good each time?



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  1. I've never gotten Peking Duck in Baltimore, the three places I'd check out if I had to get it are:

    Oriental Manor in Ellicott City (Route 40 and Route 29--they have pretty good dim sum so my guess is that they'd do a pretty good Peking Duck.

    Jesse Wong's Hong Kong.

    If I had to check in Baltimore City, I'd probably try Ding How as the best Chinese restaurant I've eaten at in the City (not saying a great deal.)

    1. ty atls,
      Right you are; Ding How is passable Chinese, but not great - never had the duck there - I'll check into the other two.



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      1. re: Joe_So_Cool

        Jesse Wongs HK has the BEST Peking is just perfectly crisp without hint of grease. I get my fix at least one a month :-)

      2. szechuan house lutherville

        1. I'll second that. Szechuan House has been consistently good (if not spectacular) for years.

          1. I'll third Szechuan House. I moved down here from north jersey - so NYC Chinatown is my gauge for quality. Szechuan House is the best I've found in the Balitmore area.