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Jan 10, 2007 09:28 PM

dessert/drinks/live music Fri night Newton/Brookline

I'm meeting a friend around 9:30ish Friday night for drinks/dessert/live music. Anywhere in Newton or Brookline would be great but I can't think of anything great off the top of my head. Ideas? I'd like something with ambiance, more of a lounge atmosphere than coffee shop, with scrumptious dessert options.

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  1. you might try finale in coolidge corner

    1. The Met Club on Rt 9 in Chestnut Hill doesn't have music, but otherwise would fit the bill. The bar area is very pretty, the drinks are great, and the menu choices are varied and, I think, delicious.

      1. Union St. in Newton center usually has music Friday nights and it can be a fun place to hang out. Usual bar food and drinks but not sure about desserts.

        1. Matt Murphy's in Brookline village

          1. O'Leary's has live music and serves desserts- across from St Mary's T stop