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Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Anyone tried this? Is it any good? Thanks.

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  1. I really like it. It tastes like the cinnamon-sugar you sprinkle on toast with an undercurrent of brown sugar taste. It can be a little on the sweet side, so ask for fewer "pumps" of the syrup if you dislike sweeter things. I have had it both iced and hot and it is equally delicious in both.

    1. It's an alternative treat. I enjoy the cinnamony flavor throughout. It can get too sweet, I agree. I may have to try it iced. Sounds good. I'll have to wait till it stops snowing though.

      1. Too sweet for me. I just tried it yetserday.

        1. Its actually really good. I really enjoy the sugar free variety! Its like eating a cinnamon bun (with a lot less calories!!)

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            Ooh, it comes in a sugar-free version? Starbucks doesn't seem to have very many sugar-free versions of their drinks. I'll have to try this sugarless liquid cinnamon bun.

            I would kill for a sugar-free Mocha Valencia but that will probably never happen.

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              I got the sugar-free (that's what I was referring to above, actually) and it tasted fakey-sweet-yuck (for me, at least). But I don't have much of a sweet tooth.

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                i really like the sugar free version, however I really like sugar free things! Its somewhat of an aquired taste!

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              I'm usually a sugar-free vanilla latte gal, but tried the sugar-free cinnamon today. Not sure if my barista didn't make a good one, but it had NO foam (I asked for no-whip), a faint aroma of cinnamon, but I barely tasted the cinnamon flavor. I'm curious enough to give it another go, but wary...

            3. I picked one of these up on my way to wokr this morning and am sitting ehre enjoying it!

              I like it a lot. It is a bit sweet but I'd gotten through half of it by the time I got to the office so I filled it back up with some strong black coffee(advantage of an almost one person office I can drink whatever coffee I like and not Farmers Bros swill! LOL) and it's really good like this!

              Definitely a hit I'd say! The only other one of their sweet drinks I've liked has been the peppermint mocha but this is now a good other choice.

              1. Finally tried one this morning. It was OK, but nothing special. The cinnamon and sugar were a good compliment to the coffee, but it was not too sweet like everyone mentioned. I did not go to my regular place, so I will have to try again for consistency.

                1. I have been waiting for these to come back this year - loved them last winter. I order a single pump - perfect sweetness for a special treat.

                  1. The only way I can drink it is to have the sugar-free version of the syrup to pair with nonfat milk.

                    1. I just had one yesterday afternoon at the Starbucks out at Kimball Junction, UT (a Park City suburb). I enjoyed it. It wasn't too sweet, and that comes from someone who doesn't like sweet (I do my ice teas "naked" and mochas are always too sweet). I looked at it as a dessert, not my usual coffee. That way, it was a nice treat. A nice rescue from the brutal cold we've had!

                      1. Tasted like a liquefied cinnamon sugar graham cracker. Not terribly offensive, but kind of gross

                        1. i like it... also sugar free, skim , no whip venti reportedly with only about 180 calories -if you believe their chalkboard

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                            Why wouldn't you believe it? The only thing in there with calories is the milk - 2 cups of skim milk is 180 calories.

                            I've written to the company with praise about them having a new sugar free flavor. I'm glad to see (in swissgirl's post below) that there is such demand.

                          2. I tried the sugar-free version last week. It didn't have a lot of flavor and I was disappointed. I decided not to waste my calories on it and I threw it away when it was half-done. Maybe I had a bad one?

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                              I tried it at two Starbucks and was also disappointed with the flavor. There were hints of cinnamon and sugar, but not enough to be unique. Back to my Grande Vanilla Latte.

                            2. Just read over at the Starbucks Gossip blog that there are severe regional shortages of the sugar free syrup used in the Cinnamon Dolce drink. I was just going to stop in tomorrow with a friend to try one. Looks like demand has been strong for the sugar-free version of the drink.

                              1. Hated it! I do like my coffee sweetened usually, but I found that this drink, like many of the Starbuck's drinks, didn't have any coffee flavor at all. And the flavoring was more suitable for hot apple cider or something.

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                                  Get an extra shot next time. I love this drink and get a double tall skim version. More coffee, less sweet...all good :)

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                                    I had the latte and thought it was okay. However, I have a friend who works at a Starbucks and she actually recommended trying a couple pumps of the Cinnamon Dolce in their warm apple cider - it was delicious!

                                  2. I have yet to order it, but I have sampled it twice. Though I finished my mini cup in less than thirty seconds, it seems like the type of drink I would never order. A little too sweet for a "coffee" and it appears to me that a grande would be like 500 calories. But that tiny cup with a little bit of whipcream (which really lends itself to the cinnamon-sugar sprinkles) sure hit the spot.

                                    1. The drink (sugar-free version) wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be and it had a hint of a buttery taste. It wasn't cinammon-y enough either. I liked it but since I only go to *$ once a month or so, it'll be awhile before I try another.