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Jan 10, 2007 09:07 PM

Madison Square-area drink before dinner at A Voce? Ordering advice also appreciated!

My wife and I are having dinner at A Voce tonight to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We need advice on two topics:
- What's the best place in the area (Madison Square) for an 'upscale' drink? Martinis, etc.
- We'd also appreciate any advice with regard to the A Voce menu.


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  1. Eleven Madison Park has a large bar area and is only a block or 2 away.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Or, for something slightly different, I like having drinks at the Bread Bar at Tabla. I think the ginger martini is great.

    2. You absolutely MUST go to 230 Fifth. It's a gorgeous spot for a drink, with breathtaking panoramic views of the Empire State Building. It's on 27th and Fifth Ave.

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      1. re: ballulah

        agreed the view at 230 park is virtually unparalled in the summer time when you can sit outside....the interior of the place however looks like a circa 1981 Atlantic city casino that diminishes the great exterior views, and the drinks are merely average

        1. re: Cpalms

          See, I find that with all the crazy shrubbery on the patio, the northern views are obstructed. But the couch clusters indoors on the north side of the club are comfortable, and I like the view from the windows better. But I agree, the crazy tropical, jungle themed entrance with the big stuffed leopard is crazy tacky. If the more intimate back room is open, that's actually quite lovely and spare. I think the drinks would taste better if they weren't served in plastic. Supposedly they are concerned about patrons throwing things off the roof (which I think is funny), and only buy plastic "glassware." It's not disposable dixie cups, it actually looks like real glass but is in fact plastic.

      2. Everything is very good at A Voce. Having said that, the house standards for starters are the duck meatballs (more than just duck in them!) and the creamy ricotta which is usually a special. The pastas are all great, the duck is spectacular, as is the steak pizziola, which is occasionally a special at dinner, though it is on the lunch menu. You can't go wrong, whatever you order.

        1. Anyone know if the Morgan Bar still exists? If yes, it is a great place for a drink. I used to live there in the days that I worked in the area and it is the only bar in the world that I have been thrown out of!