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Jan 10, 2007 09:02 PM


Can anyone recommend a good trendy fun place to go for a friends going away party. Def must have good food (price does not matter) and a fun atmosphere...?

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  1. Musha sounds like the perfect spot -- around 5th and Wilshire. Great food, and a fun place! You can't go wrong. They also have a private room if you make a reservation and agree to meet a minimum (which is not that high if I remember correctly).

    1. beechwood isn't bad, but you'd have to go on an off night when they aren't very crowded

      1. I always have had fun at Typhoon at the Santa Monica Airport. Haven't been there in a while but foods been delish.

        1. Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln. The best Carolina bbq in LA. Also try their spinach, greens, cornbread, and pies. I can't remember if they have a liquer liscense yet though, so you may have to bring beer (which would be a bonus actually).

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            pleasedon'ttakemetobucodibepo -- I am responding to your post only because you have such a great Chow it!

            The ribs are quite good at Baby Blues, but it is the sides that I remember. Their corn on the cob was good, as were all of the other sides we ordered!

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              :) thanks, I guess I was in a snarky mood the day I picked it.

              RE: baby blues though, what I like about their ribs is that the meat is really flavorful and has terific texture. None of that gellatenous boiled "chili's" type stuff. Mmmm.

          2. Oh, and lest I forget, Primitivo Wine Bistro in Venice is always a good time!