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Can anyone recommend a good trendy fun place to go for a friends going away party. Def must have good food (price does not matter) and a fun atmosphere...?

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  1. Musha sounds like the perfect spot -- around 5th and Wilshire. Great food, and a fun place! You can't go wrong. They also have a private room if you make a reservation and agree to meet a minimum (which is not that high if I remember correctly).

    1. beechwood isn't bad, but you'd have to go on an off night when they aren't very crowded


      1. I always have had fun at Typhoon at the Santa Monica Airport. Haven't been there in a while but foods been delish.

        1. Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln. The best Carolina bbq in LA. Also try their spinach, greens, cornbread, and pies. I can't remember if they have a liquer liscense yet though, so you may have to bring beer (which would be a bonus actually).

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            pleasedon'ttakemetobucodibepo -- I am responding to your post only because you have such a great Chow Handle...love it!

            The ribs are quite good at Baby Blues, but it is the sides that I remember. Their corn on the cob was good, as were all of the other sides we ordered!

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              :) thanks, I guess I was in a snarky mood the day I picked it.

              RE: baby blues though, what I like about their ribs is that the meat is really flavorful and has terific texture. None of that gellatenous boiled "chili's" type stuff. Mmmm.

          2. Oh, and lest I forget, Primitivo Wine Bistro in Venice is always a good time!

            1. Wilshire
              Sushi Roku
              Viceroy (outside)
              Rustic Canyon

              1. Nook and Violet are both very good, as is Rustic Canyon. I'd also recommend Upstairs 2.

                1. Baby Blues for a "Fun Dinner?

                  Mediocre lunch at best. No atmosphere. Very average B.B.Q at best. IMO

                  For a little street cred. I've won a couple of B.B.Q. contests in my day.