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Jan 10, 2007 09:01 PM

Ok, lets throw down ... rank your places for best xiao long bao (or XLB)

Here's my Top 3.

1. J&J (or Jin Jiang)
301 West Valley Blvd., #109
San Gabriel

2. Ho Ho Kitchen
10053 Valley Blvd,
El Monte

3. Mei Long Village
301 West Valley Blvd., #112
San Gabriel

And you?

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  1. hah ipse. i've only been to #3 on that list, which would probably be my #1. i'll need to check out your top two for sure...

    as it stands for now:

    1. mei long village
    2. dragon mark
    3. dtf

    (those are pretty much the only three i know ><)

    1. I have to say I'm a J&J girl, also:

      1. J&J
      2. Mei Long Village
      3. DTF

      1. is ho ho kitchen = dumpling 10053?

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        1. re: wilafur

          No, couple of doors down in the same strip mall.

        2. J&J

          After that, I don't care so much.

          1. -. J&J
            =. Mei Long Village

            Funny how J&J and Mei Long Village are just a few feet apart from each other. Major XLB mojo going on.

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            1. re: mpken

              hah? J&J is in prospect plaza along with dragonmark and mei long? if so that makes 3 XLB places in the same mall...