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Jan 10, 2007 08:57 PM

Best Barbeque in PHX

Where can one find some really great barbeque (pork or beef)in PHX?
I am from NC, so I have a thing for savory barbeque ribs with homestyle side dishes (baked beans, coleslaw, cornbread).


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  1. I think that you'll be disappointed with BBQ around here, especially NC style, which is less traveled than others. The only one that comes in with consistently good reviews is far away. Check out Seth's review:


    1. Last year we went to a NC style BBQ at 6929 N. Hayden Road in Scottsdale called BBQ Smokehouse. I don't know if it's still there. Restaurant 28 at 5025 W Olive Avenue in Glendale offers NC style also but we haven't tried it. Like the other poster, I think you'll be disappointed around here after having lived in NC. I've been to Wilbur's, Lexington, Allen & Son and a few others and they're hard to beat.

      1. Unfortunately, most B-B-Que in PHX is Texas, KC, or a little Memphis, not Carolina. I have yet to find any that I would recommend, but will watch this thread very closely! Thanks for asking.


        1. Thanks. I would love to try the Texas-style barbeque. Would anyone like to recommend a place to get the best?


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            yeah, sonny bryan's in Dallas. Oh... around here? I've been looking and haven't found anything yet. I've checked out the BBQ Co., Texaz grill (or something like that), and El Paso BBQ. They're all good food, but not what I wanted. Skip Texaz for sure. El Paso may be the best, but it's high end BBQ, sit down, w/ waitstaff, more creative sides. It's not what I'm looking for in an overall BBQ experience. Usually the crime is (surprise, surprise) tough brisket dressed with too thick, too sweet sauce. If I were to go back to one of those places it'd be BBQ co.

          2. As usual, I'd recommend Joe's BBQ on Gilbert Road in Gilbert. It's kind of a haul from Phoenix, but the meat is usually really good.