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Has anyone made almond butter?

Cuisinart? Roasted or raw almonds? Any other tips?

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  1. I've used my Cuisinart with roasted almonds. I added a tablespoon or so of coconut oil and a tad of honey to it but you probably don't need to use either to get good results.

    A few weeks ago I made hazelnut butter that turned out great. Two cups of roasted and skinned nuts put in the Cuisinart with a tablespoon of powdered sugar. AWESOME!!

    Good luck!

    1. I've also made almond butter, adding a few tablespoons of peanut oil towards the end. Add as little oil as possible, and maybe a little salt.

      Store upside down in the fridge and it will save you some effort mixing it back up every time you want to eat some!

      1. If you add a few pieces of dark chocolate to your hazelnuts, it makes a yummy homemade Nutella.

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          Well, you get an approximation of Nutella. It won't have the creamy texture of Nutella. A food processor won't do that, no matter how much oil you add.

        2. I tried to make almond butter once with my cuisinart and all I got was almond powder. What dod I do wrong?

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            You need to grind for even longer. I did the opposite of you. I wanted to make almond powder and let it go too long, and it clumped up into a ball. Add a little oil at that point and you get almond butter.

          2. I like to soak almonds overnight and drain the water- the butter tastes sweeter to me. Its also supposed to be better for you, but I see that as a side bonus.

            1. I've never added extra oil. I find that as long as you really grind it, it'll turn into nicely smooth A.B. I have a mini-prep cuisinart and find that a burning smell eventually arises, since you have to grind it for longer than the mini-prep really likes to be used. Still, haven't burned it out yet and found that if I let the machine rest for a few sec in between grinding, no smell and smooth butter.

              as an aside, re the chocolate. Peanut Butter & Co makes this delicious Chocolate PB, someone bought it as a gift for me, too $$ to buy myself. But upon reading the ingredients, I wasn't sure it'd be as easy to reproduce at home as I'd thought. Called for cocoa rather than melted chocolate, which i found surprising, as I thought that'd make the consistency chalky. And they do, i believe, add a little sugar to make the mix not so bitter as it would be with just straight up cocoa. Anyway, I should bite the bullet and try it. Or better than cocoa, add melted Ghiradelli 60%s.

              1. Fauchon, raw almond butter is, imo, kind of an ubercrunchy health food store kind of thing. Do you live on a commune? ;) Roasted definitely has the market share. And, although most of the almond butter you find is unblanched, if you're making it yourself, I'd give blanched roasted almonds a shot, as the skins can add some bitterness.

                If you're okay with crunchy or almost creamy almond butter, than a food processor will do the trick. If perfectly creamy (peter pan/jif/nutella creamy) is your goal, then it gets a LOT trickier. I haven't quite cracked the code, but, so far, it involves warm almonds, very warm oil (hot ingredients are less viscous than cool), a good blender (reasonably powerful motor + narrow carafe for good vortex) and the right overall quantity of almonds so the blender is happy (most blenders seem to be happiest when about 1/3 to 1/2 full).

                I think my biggest obstacle is my blender. I'm not sure a $15 blender can handle nut butter. In a perfect world it could, but alas, I think I'm going to have to invest in a model with a wee bit more testosterone. Vitamixes ($300+) can pretty much make nut butters with their eye's closed, but that's out of my price range. I am a bit of a creamy nut butter fetishist, though. If crunchy's your thing, pay these last two paragraphs no mind :)

                1. OK -- so I just realized how easy it was to make nut butter. I've made plain almond and cashew. But aside from the reduced cost, this is just something I can buy at the store.

                  What I want to know is -- any suggestions for FANCY nut butter? Chilis? Rosemary? Tony Chachere?