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Jan 10, 2007 08:47 PM

Happy Hour in St. Paul Recs Needed with a Twist

Okay, some co-workers and I are planning a happy hour in a couple weeks, a team building event shall we say. Obviously we want somewhere with good food and good happy hour specials (Friday 5-7), but we also need a place that is handicap accessible and somewhat quiet. We have two people who use wheelchairs, one person who is blind with a service animal, and one person who is very hard of hearing.

Any suggestions? We prefer downtown St. Paul, but we are willing to travel if there is a great place somewhere that meets our needs. Being on a bus line is a big bonus.

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  1. Are you in downtown st paul? I would maybe call the downtowner woodfire grill(no idea if they have specials or anything) but they have a lovely private room which might be a great option. Plus its right on west 7th. and good food.

    1. Both Kincaid's and Pazzaluna do good happy hours from 4-6, esp. for a group because they tend to be crowd pleasers with something for a variety of people. Pazzaluna does good house wines and Ketel One martinis half priced and cheap pizzas, too. Kincaid's has some cheap drinks and a larger variety of apps that are on special. The only caveat after rereading your post, is the noise factor. On a Friday, both will be pretty lively. But I hope that helps!

      1. Christos in Union Depot downtown St. Paul is accesible and (at least by my recollection) has half-price appetizers during happy hour. I think there are some drink specials too, but can't remember the specifics. It's usually on the quiet side, especially that time of evening.

        1. What about the Liffy? Not sure about the accessibility, however, but you could call. Might sound weird (its across from Excel and in a Holiday Inn) and I was skeptical but won over by curry fries. Curry fries. Curry fries (fries with wonderful curry gravy...tis Irish). And a variety of dark beers.

          1. I think Kincaids is good for wheelchairs as well - they also have a few private rooms which might help with the noise.