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Jan 10, 2007 08:34 PM

Roanoke Valley Area

Any favorites in Roanoke Valley for non fast food eateries?

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  1. Roanoke has some great spots. The Roanoke Weiner stand downtown on the Roanoke City Market. The Texas Tavern is only a few blocks from the Weiner Stand. These places mainly have hot dogs, but they are very good. Salem, VA is next to Roanoke. They have a Five Guys. Excellent cheeseburgers! If you prefer seafood, Roanoke has Awful Arthurs and Parker's seafood, both are very good. For great pizza Roanoke has Grace's Place and The Fork in the Alley. GOOGLE for pictures and a reveiw of Texas Tavern. When you say Roanoke Valley, how much does that encompass? If you have any questions, let me know. The site does have an E-Mail link to me. The website has more choices, but they may be too far out of the Roanoke Valley's realm for you.

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      Thanks for the reply. I would include from Blacksburg to Lexington in my "area." Five Guys is OK as is Awful Arthur's. Parker's leaves something to be desired. Recently was disappointed in Fork in the Alley. Have tried Michel's ($$$$) and Southern Inn in Lexington - both very good. Have tried Billy's Ritz, Stephen's, Trio and Frankie Rowland's in Roanoke - all rise far above the usual mediocrity.

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        Have you been to the Palm in Lexington? In Roanoke, the Grandin Rd. area has some great places. Surf and Turf and Graces Place. Or Montano's near Tanglewood Mall. All great places.

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          Thanks for the reply. Have not tried Palm in Lex. or Montano's in Roanoke yet, but intend to one of these days. Also I hear Rockfish in Grandin Rd. area is worth a try. Going to NYC next month...that's food heaven!

    2. Don't miss the New Yorker Deli on Williamson Rd. Serious time capsule action here. Fantastic pastrami, corned beef, and other deli meats. Huge portions, small prices, great service.

      I'll second CO's vote for Texas Tavern and the Roanoke Weiner stand. I haven't lived there in a while, but used to work on the Market and can't imagine those have changed. The ice cream shop in the Market building was really good. There's Alexanders and Billy's Ritz right there as well if you're looking for more of a sit down arrangement.

      I've been meaning to try Henry's Memphis BBQ, but haven't just yet.

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        I was pleased with Henry's Memphis BBQ and Billy's Ritz. Thanks for the rec. on N Y Deli, will try it.

      2. I third the Texas Tavern - ask for a cheesy western (a cheeseburger with a fried egg on top) and a bowl with (onions). The TT was my hometown friends favorite spot.

        My parents really like Carlos' Brazilian Cuisine on 419 in the old Steak and Ale building.

        The Hotel Roanoke also does a great lunch buffet with excellent food. Peanut soup and killer key lime pie, really!

        1. Ditto on Carlos'and Hotel Roanoke where I did have a fine dinner in the Regency Room and a nice Sunday Buffet in the Pine Room.

          1. The Turkish restaurant there was abysmal. Seriously, worst meal I've had in about 2 years.

            However, I really loved the coffee shop and the Indian restaurant was solid.