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Jan 10, 2007 08:02 PM

weddings in Toronto restaurant with private courtyard

need help with this one! We are thinking of 60 people in the summer.

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  1. The Keg on York has an appealing, private, quiet, funky courtyard. Can say much about the food, but it's always been a nice place for a drink after work.

    1. I'd check out Grano. Then I can live vicariously through you as I ended up going home to NB for mine-

      1. There is a restaurant on King Street - think it's called Biagio - they have a 2nd room that opens out to a patio - not sure how private you want it to be - as it is side by side to the promenade between st. lawrence market north & front stree market. congrats.

        1. The back of Biagio as mentioned above is surprisingly quiet and very lovely. However, I don't think it will hold 60 people.

          The back of The CourtHouse has outside seating and backs onto a little parkette, it's also very lovely but a bit more urban (in that you can see the street and cars)

          and then, the Sunnybrook Estates are set up so you could have your own courtyard area with in/out access.

          1. The place u want is the C lounge on Wellington West.

            i went to an exquisite wedding there about 18 months ago.

            Beautiful private back yard with a reflecting pool and private cabanas.

            gorgeus interior with lots of space for dancing etc.

            might be a little large for only 60 geusts but it is one of the nicest venues in town

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              C Lounge would be a very beautiful atmosphere. Guessing you'd have to get an outside caterer, though.