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Jan 10, 2007 07:41 PM

[MSP] Little Szechuan--re-opening January 12?

On a lark, I just checked the website. They've finally posted a new re-opening date: January 12.

They do say to call or check the website to confirm they're really open. (Good idea, since this date keeps moving.)

Old Little Szechuan closed for re-modelling thread.

I'm so excited, we might have to have a Little Szechuan chowdown one of these days...


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  1. I want to be first in line the day they open. I hope they are still a great place to eat.

    1. I'm dying. I've been waiting for them to reopen and keep driving by. Come back spicy tofu, come back!

      1. it aint open. the web site is down. the phone message says: keep checking.

        1. Website back up. Says they are opening the 15th see you there.