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Where to buy merguez in Loz Angeles

Does anyone know a good place to buy merguez in Loz Angeles?



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  1. Call whole foods, I've seen it in their fresh sausage case a few times.

    1. Both La Dijonaise and Normandie Bakery serve merguez (sandwich at Normandie, appetizer at Dijonaise.) If you're just jonesing, and don't necessarily want to cook, that should do.

      1. We really liked the Merguez from Bob's Market in Santa Monica. He hand makes all his own sausages...


        1. Surfas Gourmet in Culver City.
          They got the real deal Merguez that taste like the real ones I get in Paris-- skinny, spicy, lamb goodness. They're in the frozen section next to the last case on the left.

          Beyond the merguez, if you like to cook, Surfas is AMAZING.

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            Oo! Thanks for the rec... I've been meaning to try more of Surfas' amazing Sausage Collection... :)


          2. Thanks all - I've managed to order them from the WF in Pasadena but I'm definitely trying out Surfas sometime soon.

            1. And next time, check Nicole's in South Pasadena. Hers are frozen, but delicious.

              1. Adar on fairfax accross from canter...the very best

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                  Is that a market or restaurant?


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                    it's a market, actually a kosher butcher shop, and i believe it's spelled Hadar.

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                      Thanks! I'll have to go check them out! :)


                2. Jeff's Gourmet Sausages on Pico sells Merguez.

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                    these arent then thin dry-ish spicy merguez, although they are good.

                  2. Monsieur Marcel at the Farmer's Market sells it...

                    1. Hi Dafina,
                      I have a great place for you . Best place for merguez is a french charcutier called Bruno. His business is called:" l'o a la bouche" phone: 213 840 8474. You need to give him a call and order in advance. I buy them from him every time I make a couscous. He is the best. enjoy. Catherine

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                        wow, sounds fantastic. does he supply to restaurants, or...?