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Jan 10, 2007 07:19 PM

Is Costas Inn good, or a recommend good Md crabhouse

I hear the crabs are good here; are they? Any other items worth ordering? Any other recommendations for a good crabhouse in Baltimore?



.ps leave out anything near DC

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  1. Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn in Essex on Eastern Avenue

    1. Second Mr. Bills, also consider Bo Brooks on Boston Street but stick with the steamed crabs only. Jimmy's on Holabird Avenue in the Dundalk area is another option. Shultze's on Old Eastern Avenue in Middle River used to be reliable, but since I discovered Mr. Bills I always go there when I'm in that area

      1. I'm thirding Mr Bill's. I used to go to Costas but tried Mr. Bill's and am now a convert.

        Get there early or be prepared to wait. The crabs are heavy, hon, and the beer is cold. I do believe there is a faint aroma of cumin in their spice mix. Crab heaven.


        1. ty all,
          Will try mr bills.

          1. Thanks all,
            Mr. Bills crabs were tasty, and full just as described - aside from cumin, I also tasted fennel seed and cinnamon (not to mention a lot of sugar); my son wanted to know why the spice was "flaked on" his crabs, but he liked the flavor.
            My wife found the place bright, cheery and friendly, but she did not much care for the food (she doesn't eat crabs); she has a few food allergies, and had to send back a "secret recipe" oriented dish that had untold ingredients within. Her replacement, a turkey club, was disappointingly made with sub-par lunch meat (she said slimy lunch meat) plus the sandwich had onions and cheese on it, both having been expressly noted to our waitress as "things NOT to put" on the sandwich. She was a good sport though, and helped Joe Jr crack his crabs while we ate.
            A buddy and I will try crabs here again; I liked them well enough to try again, but still hope to find crabs larger than the 46's I got last night. Joe Jr might come with me, but I don't think Mrs Joe will be back.

            Thanks all,


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            1. re: Joe_So_Cool

              Sugar? I 've been eating crabs at Bill's for years and can say that I have never tasted suagr in their spice mix.

              1. re: hon

                hi hon, yep that was sugar all right - ask em, they might tell you, but it is unmistakeable to me; it is a blend of many flavors, and it's hard to isolate individual tastes in a mix like that, but I'm 99.99% sure about it. thx again, joe

                1. re: Joe_So_Cool

                  I've never had crabs in my life where I could taste sugar in the seasoning including Mr. Bill's and yes, I am going to ask them the next I go which will probably be next week.

              2. re: Joe_So_Cool

                Yeah, I'd say someone who doesn't eat crabs will have a tough time at Bill's. I didn't even realize they have a menu!