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Jan 10, 2007 07:09 PM

Lamb Shanks in LA?

Where can I find lamb shanks, to cook at home, in the Los Angeles area other than Ridiculously priced stores such as Bristol Farms.

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  1. i saw some at costco last week, but they come frozen in boxes.

    1. 168 market has amazing prices on all meat--cheaper then Costco, though I'm pretty sure the quality of beef isn't as high. I made rack of lamb for New Year's, though, and that was just as good as the rack of lamb we had from Costco for Thanksgiving. Rack of lamb is only $5/lb at 168!! I saw shanks but didn't notice the price.

      Location: Alhambra at New/Valley.

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      1. re: Pei

        oooh! gonna check out and hopefully grab some lamb shanks at 168 market as i will be out in alhambra this weekend! woohoo!

        thanks pei!

        1. re: wilafur

          FYI it's only $5/lb but they have them vacuum packed. There are four pieces that have four bones each, and each piece is about a pound. So you have to buy about $17-20 worth in one go, but at those prices I don't really care. There were also giant New Zealand rack of lamb with the huge bones.

          Oh wait...everyone wants shanks. Never mind. In case anyone else wants rack of lamb, since I already typed it.

          1. re: Pei

            all good, rack works for me as well.

      2. I bought some cheap a few weeks ago at Superior Super Warehouse

        and I bet they have them at Super King

        My question to you is- how do I saw these in half before braising?

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          I have been known to resort to the use of a hacksaw. I just have to wash all the old cutting oil off of it first... That's one thing good about buying these things from a real butcher, or even a well-equipped supermarket meat department - you can get the guy to run them through the bandsaw for you.

          Our Farm Fresh markets in Pasadena and Altadena regularly have good shanks; I'd expect the one in Hollywood would have them too.

        2. It might be a bit far, but I've gotten lamb shanks at Wholesome Choice market in Irvine for cheap.

          1. I've also seen them at Mayfair and Whole Foods.