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Lamb Shanks in LA?

Where can I find lamb shanks, to cook at home, in the Los Angeles area other than Ridiculously priced stores such as Bristol Farms.

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  1. i saw some at costco last week, but they come frozen in boxes.

    1. 168 market has amazing prices on all meat--cheaper then Costco, though I'm pretty sure the quality of beef isn't as high. I made rack of lamb for New Year's, though, and that was just as good as the rack of lamb we had from Costco for Thanksgiving. Rack of lamb is only $5/lb at 168!! I saw shanks but didn't notice the price.

      Location: Alhambra at New/Valley.

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        oooh! gonna check out and hopefully grab some lamb shanks at 168 market as i will be out in alhambra this weekend! woohoo!

        thanks pei!

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          FYI it's only $5/lb but they have them vacuum packed. There are four pieces that have four bones each, and each piece is about a pound. So you have to buy about $17-20 worth in one go, but at those prices I don't really care. There were also giant New Zealand rack of lamb with the huge bones.

          Oh wait...everyone wants shanks. Never mind. In case anyone else wants rack of lamb, since I already typed it.

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            all good, rack works for me as well.

      2. I bought some cheap a few weeks ago at Superior Super Warehouse


        and I bet they have them at Super King


        My question to you is- how do I saw these in half before braising?

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          I have been known to resort to the use of a hacksaw. I just have to wash all the old cutting oil off of it first... That's one thing good about buying these things from a real butcher, or even a well-equipped supermarket meat department - you can get the guy to run them through the bandsaw for you.

          Our Farm Fresh markets in Pasadena and Altadena regularly have good shanks; I'd expect the one in Hollywood would have them too.

        2. It might be a bit far, but I've gotten lamb shanks at Wholesome Choice market in Irvine for cheap.

          1. I've also seen them at Mayfair and Whole Foods.

            1. I'm not sure if they have them or not, but in general the service meat counter at Vallarta markets is pretty decent and would be a good bet (at least worth a try).

              1. I used to see lamb shanks at Cambridge Farms market, Burbank and Whitsett in N. Hollywood, but I haven't been in there in a long time.

                1. the best lamb shanks i've purchased in the usa were at trader joe's, oddly enough. they are dainty and excellent, much like in the meditteranean. i like them better than many of the famous sources like niman and jameson.

                  for some reason though most places sell large shanks, unfortunately

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                    ^ How recently did you obtain lamb shanks from TJs and which location? These ones you've mentioned sound great. Do you happen to remember if they were Oz or New Zealand lamb shanks?

                    I would rather not spend a fortune ordering them from Jamison Farm. (here's the link anyway) --

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                      a year ago on pico in w. la. frozen.
                      much better than the jamison, which were better than the usual, for sure.

                      i think they were Oz. // they were as good as they get in the USA

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                        Oh thanks for replying -- I would have tried looking for them in the fresh dept... (D'oh!)

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                          fresh would be great but not in these lands. good luck

                  2. General question: do Mexican meat markets etc. tend to carry lamb shanks, or much lamb at all? (That you would want. There are so many on the west side and I know they can be great for chicken, etc.)

                    1. Vallarta does not carry lamb shanks. However, you can get them at Karabagh meat market, which is one block west of Victory and Woodman, and they'll cut them to order so you don't have to break out the power tools.

                      Any Armenian market will have them.

                      1. C & K Importing, the shop adjacent to Papa Christos always has them. I believe they are typically from New Zealand and are delicious.

                        1. C & K Imports is on Pico and Normandie.

                          1. i think alexanders, the butcher in howies market, has them. although i might be thinking of the great veal shanks i got there...

                            1. Try Marcondas in the Farmer's Market at third. This is totally unrelated, but last time I went they butterflied a roast for me and told me that if I bring my stuffing they'll stuff and tie it up for FREE.

                              1. I have gotten decent smaller vac packed ones from Pavillions (Vons)as a fairly regular item. I also like Eschbachs (a Euro meat market) on Western Ave. in Torrance/Gardena on west side of street between 182nd & Artesia- if you are into Gardena Japanese food you have probably passed it cuz it is near some faves. Their's are usually larger but they have the saw and can cut as you want.