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Jan 10, 2007 07:09 PM

First Time Solo for Wife and Daughter in NY

I am a LA Chowhound sending my wife and daughter (13) to NY for a week vacation. They are very adventuresome eaters and have been known to break $200 themselves for sushi. Please recommend some unique NY places and I will return the favor if you come to LA. Yes they are from LA so they are health conscious and like weird food.

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  1. If they like Sushi, Sushi of Gari on the upper east.
    Pure Food and Wine--a Raw Food restaurant that according to friends who are into that thing is really good.
    Blue Hill - Farm to Table deliciousness

    1. Telepan
      Del Posto (?? or something in meatpacking)
      I second WD-50

      check out for reservations. Call lupa directly

      1. Cafe Gray offers a delicious mix of Southeast Asian and Central European.

        It's house in a glamorous room with a lovely view of Central Park. I found the food to be prepared with authoritative care. Each dish offered a pleasant surprise.

        1. Babbo, Balthazar, Gotham, Katz Deli

          1. WD-50 is an excellent recommendation. Since your wife & daughter are very adventurous, WD-50 will fit the bill perfectly. Bizarre, but delicious.

            Balthazar is a good rec, and I like it a lot, but more for the scene, which is great, but not something you can't find in LA.

            Babbo offers incredible Italian food, and definitely works for the adventurous type; and the atmosphere is boisterous and fun.

            Aki Sushi is always fun, it's inexpsensive and by no way authentic, but they have some pretty neat takes on innovative sushi.

            Le Gigot is a great French bistro, both delicious and comfy.