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Jan 10, 2007 07:01 PM

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

Having just read through the downtown butter chicken thread I thought I'd ask. Where can you find the best butter chicken?

Is the Little India area over on Gerrard the best? Or can you find places way better in Brampton? My friends adore Indian Rice Factory's butter chicken, if that's any indication.

We're willing to go to Brampton but not much further. Any recommendations?

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  1. I suspect that responses are sparse because this matter has been debated often and recently. I don't know how to provide the link, but just search on butter chicken and you will find previous threads on that subject.

    I would recommend Little India on Queen Street for great butter chicken and all-around Indian food.

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    1. re: Fwagra

      I'd definitely second the Little India recommendation.

      1. re: Fwagra

        I like the butter chicken at Aroma @ King & John. Actually their buffet at lunch is fantastic!

        1. re: TOfoodie

          I haven't eaten at too many Indian restaurants in toronto...the first one i tried was Aroma and i loved it (so why keep looking?). The butter chicken is amazing and so is the fresh naan bread. Aroma has my vote!

          1. re: jen2202

            I'm so happy to hear someone mention Aroma, hands down it's my favorite Indian food in the downtown area.

            1. re: Lyndalh

              i probably ate at mcdonalds first, then A&W, then Burger King. GOOD thing I didnt stop at one of those and declare it the best!

              Try some of the highly rated alternatives and let us know if Aroma is still "it"!

      2. I saw the last few threads, but they all discuss downtown locations for the most part. I know Brampton has a large Indian population, and I was curious if Brampton is to downtown Indian food as Markham is to downtown Chinese.

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        1. re: rael

          I've had Indian food in Brampton many times, and there are some real gems (Brar Sweets, Curry House, Friends), but none of them have a particularly great butter chicken. In fact, due to authenticity, many of the Brampton Indian joints are completely vegetarian.

          1. re: xtal

            I agree. Have been in Brampton for ten years, but just started experiencing Indian food in the last two and the establishments you mentioned are awesome, particularly, the samosas (three for a dollar!) and fish pakora at Friends (two pounds for the price of one on Mondays and Thursdays!) but I've yet to have a really good butter chicken here. Weird.

        2. My husband like Kama Sutra on bayview avenue. Of course, we don't know if that is 'good' as Indian food isn't our forte, but there you go...

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          1. re: kawarthagirl

            This is an Indian restaurant that is seldom mentioned on Chowhound. However, I am a longtime Indian food lover and it's my favourite upscale Indian restaurant. I have never been disappointed by a dish there. I usually get the brie pakoras (yum), chicken vindaloo and eggplant bharta.

            1. re: bogie

              I love their chicken curry... and they make a mean Cosmo (although they call it a Cosmostra.... :)

              I just wish they would do a lunch special on the weekend, the way they do during the week....

          2. I know it's not very original, but I am obsessed with Gandhi Cuisine's butter chicken. They must put crack in it, it's so addictive! Getting my fix tonight...

            1. I'd try Utsav on Yorkville:

              I haven't had the butter chicken but have loved every dish I have had there (okra, other chicken dishes, peas...). It is order-off-the-menu, not buffet. It is new (just opened in 2006) - and fabulous.