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Jan 10, 2007 07:00 PM

Creations Dessert House Report

Amazingly, I made it to the Richmond *again* last night (3rd time this week), this time with the sole purpose of going to Creations Dessert House w/ my friend visiting from out of town.

We both had #52 (Sago w/ fresh mango juice and coconut), which was a daily special, so a small was only 2 dollars! Quite the deal. We also shared mango mochi (the dough is really perfect, and though the mango was slightly stringy, it still tasted fresh and pretty good). Finally, we shared the sweet balls w/ peanut and sesame paste. This was very sweet but delicious, the balls seem to be made of glutinous rice flour and had a nice texture. They were served warm. It's in the snack section of the menu.

We sat at a table, and they also served nice black tea (possibly lychee flavor?). Total bill was 9.50 before tip. Definitely worth visiting for #52

Dave MP

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  1. I find myself there fairly often - much nicer now that they put in real chairs and tables (they used to have this "trendy"-looking furniture before that was horribly uncomfortable).

    Don't remember the numbers, but my favorites there are "Glutinous rice ball with mixed fruits in 2 juices" and "Mango pudding."

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      Another vote for the "Glutinous rice ball with mixed fruits in 2 juices".

    2. We went last night and the fruit was less than fresh. I hope they aren't permanently cutting corners now.