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Need recs for a place to eat near Scoops on Heliotrope

I need to find a decent place to eat around Scoops on Heliptrope and Melrose.

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  1. FWIW, One of my favorite 'combo meals' is lunch in Thai town and then Sc00p's for dessert. It's maybe a ten minute drive....

    There is also a place right next door to Sc00p's but I have yet to try it or even check out their menu.

    1. No! Scoops for Dinner!!! ;)

      J/K... mostly... you can try Ricon Chileno which is actually rather nearby... :)


      1. Cha Cha Cha is quite nearby.
        There's also a pretty good Thai place even closer on Melrose near Normandie called Prael I think.
        And there's always Pizza Paul, which some on the board seem to like.

        1. The Square One/Scoops combo is popular.

          1. Marouch is close enough, as is Falafel Arax and then there's always the very groovy Gran Burrito on @ Santa Monica & Vermont. Wow. What a neighbhorhood!

            1. There's a really cool funky Korean dive directly across from Scoops called Pure Luck. It looks like a movie location inside. (Outside, too, come to think of it.) The stir fry was delicious (if a bit spicy for my wimpy tastebuds) and the wings were amazing. It's the kind of place where you take a date and she says, "How did you know this was here?"

              The proprietors are very nice, but don't speak a word of English (though the menu lists everything in both languages, & you can point.)

              I love that block. It'll be Montana Avenue in about fifteen minutes, but for now, it's cool.

              Pure Luck, 707 Heliotrope.

              1. I wondered about that place -- so it's pretty much like the Prince, a bar with food, I imagine? Remember when it was some groovy place -- Cafe Mambo, maybe?

                1. Yikes, Patty, I thought I was the only person still around who recalled the existence, let alone location, of that version of Cafe Mambo, which IIRC, was a contemporary of ChaChaCha in its first incarnation.

                  I'd ditto the reference to Marouch, and variously arranged Thai places (though it's been 5 or more years since I went there, my recollection is that "Spicy Thai BBQ" in the mini-mall at Santa Monica and Normandie was pretty good. I haven't tried the Melrose Thai places yet. Then, of course, in roughly the same neighborhood, there's always Zankou. While I know the CH reviews are mixed, Saveur Magazine has Zankou in their "100 Favorite Things" this year.

                  r gould-saltman

                  just flew back in from Colorado and boy are my arms tired...

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                    Yeah, I did that once: went to "Spicy and BBQ" (or whatever it's called) to get a real good burn on, and then immediately to Scoops to put the fire out. A beautiful day it was.

                  2. there is a korean "po jang ma cha" (like korean izakaya) directly across the street from heliotrope/scoops. its sort of like "tang song sah" in ktown. with a young crowd, small dishes...

                    el rincon chileno is across the street on melrose. i'd like to hear how their cazuela is, and last time i walked by they had "erizos" (sea urchin) on the menu.

                    pizza paul is on the same stretch and i hear its good but have never been.

                    1. The empanadas at the already mentioned Rincon Chileno are great and make a nice pairing with Scoops.

                      1. for today's lunch there was Makkah Halal Tandoori on Vermont and 4th; with spouse, Pup and friend

                        and then hit Scoops for

                        "Smoked Chocolate/Wasabi Mousse" ("smoked" by adding lapsang soochong tea!) and
                        "Chai/Tiramisu" (me)
                        "Pomegranate/Poppy Seed" and
                        "Fig/Campari" (spouse)and
                        "Chocolate/Pumpkin" (the guys)

                        there's a genius at work, there!