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Best Brooklyn Lox

I'm going to a brunch and I want to bring some seriously good smoked lox from someplace jewish in brooklyn. Any ideas?

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  1. brooklyn is tough for smoked fish- try russ and daughters in the lower east side- consistantly the best jewish smoked fishes in the city. enjoy fb

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      no places in crown heights or borough park or something?

    2. It's not a Jewish shop but Fairway should have a decent selection of appetizing. I haven't bought from the one in Red Hook but the Plainview location has several kinds of lox, whitefish, kippered salmon, sturgeon, pickled herring, etc. It's pretty good for a market.

      Second Russ & Daughters though. I don't think you'll find better in the city.

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        This makes me sad. If you are in Plainview, you really should be going to Bagel Boss for your lox. And if you go to Ben's deli instead of the Regal for pastrami, its time to take a long hard look int he mirror.

      2. russ and daughters is wonderful. in brooklyn, the best option is probably the retail hours at the acme smoked fish company. they're open to the public on fridays from 8am to 1pm, offering really low prices. their sable is magnificent, but great quality all around.

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          I'm gonna second Acme, I've gotten some amazing stuff there on Friday mornings. The earlier you get there the better, they tend to run out of stuff pretty quick.

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            What everyone is recommending is fish smoked by Acme, since most of the smoked fish sold in NYC (at places like Zabar's, Russ & Daughters, etc.) is Acme fish. Obviously, you'll get it cheaper and fresher if you go to the factory. It's all certified kosher except for the sturgeon. At the factory you get a limited selection of what they produce. I've seen cold smoked salmon, kippered salmon, pastrami salmon, gravalox, sable and tuna in slabs. They also have prepackaged choices and delicious salmon and whitefish salads.

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            having just enjoyed some delicious fish (lox, hot smoked salmon, smoked trout) fresh from acme's retail shop, i have to reiterate my recommendation. it's cheap, straight from the source, and of the highest quality. poster joekarten makes a good point below - most places mentioned here (russ & daughters being a notable exception) get their fish from acme.

          3. Garden Of Eden, Montague St, Bkln Hts, has an acceptable selection of Acme, Norwegian, Scottish & Irish smoked salmon as well as lox, and the other usual suspects (whitefish, kippered salmon, etc. The quality is good enough.

            1. Im not a specialist, but surprisingly The Orchard on CIA between I and J offers very good fish, sliced to order, homemade whitefish salad and such, in addition to their special fruit selection.

              Have to think they must be pretty good, given their picky clientele.

              1. What about for the older style super-salty brined lox...

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                  Russ & Daughters is really the only place to buy this.

                2. I also love good lox and Fairway has very good lox and a very good appetizing department. I usually by the Gaspe salmon. It is very mild and not salty. Very good lox.

                  1. I don't know if they sell it or not, but Fish Tales has really good fresh seafood. Fresh as in straight from the fish market fresh. They’re not Jewish, but they’re helpful and might be able to special order something so it might be worth a shot.

                    1. The smoked fish at Fairway is good (even the Fairway smoked salmon). But there is one caveat—make sure the person cutting the fish is a regular fish guy. Once I was there early in the morning, and the smoked fish man hadn't arrived. The cheese guy cut the lox, and it came out in disgusting thick chunks.

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                        Great tip! The same thing has happened at the Plainview location which I visit when I go out to my parents house. There's one guy there who I refer to as the "Doctor". He's so skilled at slicing it and removing the bones.

                        I had someone else help me once and wasn't at all happy when I got home. i find the same thing happens at their deli counter.

                      2. Yes!! Yes!! There is a FABULOUS Jewish appetizing store on 16th Ave and 49th street called Schwartz's. Don't expect them to be too friendly, but I've had the herring there, the whitefish salad, the baked salmon salad and the sable. I can't personally vouch for the lox, but this is definitely the place to get it. While you're there also walk a few blocks to 47th Street, there is a bakery called Schick's and on Thursdays and Fridays they make the most incredible challah I've ever had in my life.

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                        1. Flaum's on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg used to be something special. I haven't lived in the city for a while so I'm not sure if it's still the same.

                          1. FYI.(not trying to be a smartalec, but if you go to an oldschool place they might correct you) Traditionally New York "Lox" is cured not smoked,
                            some versions are smoked lightly after brining, but true "lox" is not smoked.
                            "nova", is traditionally the smoked salmon that many New Yorkers refer to as lox.
                            In more modern times (aka the last 15 years) the lines have been blurred..

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                              I think I sort of knew that when I was writing my post. But I'm glad to know the distinction - thanks!

                            2. In Park Slope, there used to be a guy, and I'm pretty sure he's still there, at The Blue Apron who really knows how to cut lox -- an artform if ever there was one. He cuts it so thin, so perfectly, that if you're in a pinch and can't get to Fairway or Russ & Daughters, this might help. Don't know if it's cured or smoked, but, hey, at least the salmon will be cut in perfect, thin slices, and that is crucial.

                              1. fairway, not strictly jewish, but take it from this jewboy, its excellent

                                1. Thanks all, these are wonderful suggestions!

                                  1. We recently group taste tested Russ & Daughters against Kosher Bagel Hole, Coney Island Avenue and Ave. N, highly vaunted by Flatbush natives. R&D was a clear winner on smoked salmon (Gaspe) but opinions were surprising close on whitefish salad and pickled herring. BTW, R&D smokes much of their own fish.

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                                      The whitefish salad and pickled herring were probably all from Acme, not "housemade."

                                    2. most every appetizing store in new york sells acme product. there are some exceptions, but you'd be surprised to find out how many use acme for their smoked and cured fish products. but if you're in brooklyn and can't get to acme, go to brighton beach, M and I International on Brighton Beach Blvd, near 2nd or 3rd st. They have just about every smoked fish product you could want.

                                      1. I've had both Schwartz's herring and whitefish many times packaged, never from the source itself, excellent stuff. Never had the lox though, however, i believe scwhartz's packages a product with chopped herring and lox together and it too is great.
                                        And I wouldn't post this (bc it's in manhattan) if e/one hadn't already suggested R&D, but what about Barney Greengrass??

                                        1. We picked up some whitefish salad from Fairway last week. It was in the deli counter, not the smoked fish counter. It consisted of chunks whitefish simply and lightly dressed. I swear it was the absolute best I have ever had. Your hosts will be impressed.

                                          If you plan to bring bagels, avoid buying them at fairway. They do so many things right, but the bagels are WRONG.