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Donairs? Anyone?

My boyfriend went to school in Halifax and raves about the donairs (he insists they are very different from gyros!) Does anyone know of a place in in the GTA with good Maritime-esque donairs? We tried a place in Burlington but my BF didn't even finish his because it was so disappointing. From what he says, it's all about that sweet sauce....

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  1. This is an older post, but may give you a good start:


    1. That's perfect! Thanks.

      1. Here is a more recent thread that includes info about east coast donairs (you have to scroll down almost to the end!)


          1. Not sure about the diff. between east/west coast donairs...but the donairs I eat have an Indian twist as they are spicy...try Rajkapuri's on Donlands or Zyka in Scarborough (Warden/Bridletowne Circle)

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              i agree with rajkapuri's.. ssooo good!

            2. Yes. i know exactly what you are talking about.
              go to College Falafel on colllege and ossington.they have fantastic donair: flavour, juicy, succulent, and according to my friends from halifex; Authentic.
              The owners are super nice and will accomodate to your taste (eg. i like my liver charred on the outside and juicy inside and they do it exactly the way i like it)


              1. I am from Halifax and I can tell you that if you are an east coaster you won't be impressed with Halifax Donair's in Burlington. The sauce is not quite the same. The meat is not quite the same. Its not bad but not an authentic east coast donair! I have lived in Toronto for 20 years and my search for a real donair continues.

                Halifax Donair
                295 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T1P1, CA

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                  donairhunter, I absolutely agree. They don't exist outside the HRM.

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                    They don't exist outside the HRM or they don't exist outside the Maritimes? You can get good Halifax-style donairs in PEI and NB.

                2. Hahaha. I was expecting a cross between a donut and an eclair.

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                    So what makes an East Coast Donair different??

                  2. East coast donairs are an acquired taste! While in Halifax a few summers ago, I decided to try one before heading to the airport and the sweet sauce was reminiscent of melted vanilla ice cream. Not what I'm used to and unless you are from the east coast I don't think the concept will be successful in TO.

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                      While I have never been to the east coast, they sound a lot like the type of donairs found plentiful in Calgary. Since moving to Toronto I have been unable to find something similar. Shwarmas and gyros just aren't as good!

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                        It been years since I've had a decent donair in the GTA. Until about two years ago you could get one at a chain called Pita Pizazz (since disappeared) and before that I'd go to the mall in Georgetown, but thats gotta be 5-6 years gone now, too. Still haven't found a proper local substitute. <sigh>