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Jan 10, 2007 06:40 PM

Brazilian black beans and meat?

I went to this really good Brazillian place but am blanking on the name... any mid-priced, casual brazilian suggestions?

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  1. Had a great dinner last night at Zebu Grill on E. 92nd - husband had the fejoada (sp?) as usual - was surprised he didn't lick the bowl. Always enjoy the empanadas - had salmon last night. Friend had the lamb/sausage skewers.

    1. My wife is brasilan and loved "Rice and Beans" on the west side ,9th ave bet 50-51st .Be sure to call ahead very small books up fast!

      1. Via Brasil and Emporium Brasil, both on 46th Street, have very good rice and beans. I don't like the room in both places very much, but the food is very good. I go there whenever I am homesick for Brazilian food. I found these 2 are the closest to Brazilian food you can get in Manhattan.

        Zebu Grill is also a good option and the decor is very pleasant.

        Delicia in the West Village is also very nice. The problem with Delicia is the wait. The service is REALLY slow. If you don't mind to wait a long, long time for your meal Delicia is a good option.