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Jan 10, 2007 06:39 PM

Strip House Chocolate Cake

I was at Strip house the other night. The steak as usual was excellent (I still prefer Lugers) but the Chocolate cake was fantastic. Its a huge hunk with about 10 plus layers. It just really hit the spot. Simple yet perfect. It is $18 or so for a huge hunk. Enough for a table of 4. I brought some home and had it for breakfast.

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  1. I wouldn't say it's fantastic (it didn't live up to my expectations), but it was good. It sort of grew on me as I kept eating. 2 of us shared it and still had a huge hunk to share the next day.

    1. I think the size is more fantastic than anything else about it. It's as plain and undistinguished as chocolate cake gets otherwise.

      1. agree. It's good but it looks tastier than it actually is.

        1. Ha! After me and my boyfriend got through our steaks, creamed spinach, and goosefat potatoes (all did not disappoint), we ordered this to split between the two of us. We didn't know it would be a serving for 10! We were so full at that point we just took it home, but I don't even think we looked at it again until I through it out a week later.