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Looking for special ball-tipped whisk...help!

I have been trying to track down this whisk and have been to quite a few specialty food shops with no love... I live in Minneapolis, but something online would be great too...

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  1. I have one, a WMF brand. I am not sure what WMF stands for, but when were were married, we got our flatware at Macy's and it is the same brand. I just checked and the have WMF items, but they did not define the name.

    1. I think that's the same one I have - but have no clue where I got it I'm afraid.

      1. thanks you two...i'll keep searching! my friend has one and she says it's a dream!

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              That is the exact one that I have, brand and all.

            2. I've always seen these whisks but not known what to do with them. Do you use it like an ordinary whisk (to mix up anything from pancake batter to eggs) or is it better at specific tasks (say more delicate sauces)? Is there a preferred usage for them?

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                peachblossom, I prefer them to mix heavier batters. the weighted balls added energy to stiff quick breaks, and they don't have the wires that would get filled up with batter.

              2. Sur La Table sells these

                1. I got mine at Williams Sonoma, but I heard from an employee that their stores often sell out of ball whisks very quickly. Amazon sells various sizes of ball whisks, too.

                  1. WMF is William Frazier. I got mine at Selfridge's in London. I have not found it to be as handy as I thought. I find it tends to spatter more. Mine has black nylon balls on it so it won't scratch teflon.

                    1. I saw one on sale on the William Sonoma Website and it was on sale!

                      1. I hate the noise these make, so I threw mine out PDQ.

                        1. They're fun, cute, loud as all get out, easy to clean, and have a lot of momentum. For the most part, I don't find I use mine all that often.

                            1. I picked mine up at Dehillerin in Paris and just the other evening I remembered why I rarely use it: the long tines can get tangled if I use it in anything thick. But, as the man at the store said, "It is good for the eggs."

                              1. i think these are designed to "whisk" while you're actually cooking on the stove, rather than as a substitute for a regular whisk. i have one & generally use it for bechamel or other type sauces that i'm heating on a stove. it works great!! i bought it at a local store though, and don't remember paying $25 for it!! but i highly recommend it!!!

                                1. I love that whisk. I think it works much better than the others I own. WMF is the manufacturer and they are available on www.germandeli.com