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Mozza - Lunch?

I would love to try Mozza very soon, but I work in Hollywood and then I face a long commute, so staying in town for dinner happens infrequently for me. I also would like to be spontaneous and not wait for a reservation. I thought that trying lunch at Mozza would be the ticket for me. Has anyone here been there for lunch? Reservations aren't necessary then, are they? Is the menu different for lunch? I am fairly sure that at least the pizzas would be the same, no?

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  1. Everything is the same. Reservations are necessary at all times, including at 4 in the afternoon, unless you want to take a chance at getting a seat at the counter. If you want to do that I would recommend arriving just before 12 when they open.

    1. last week i walked in @ 5 to find both a completely patron free bar and counter w/only 2 people sitting there.

      guess it's hit or miss on the times.

      1. Go for it. The counter/pizza bar at lunch is great for the solo or duo diner(s). We dropped in on a Friday (mid-afternoon) with no reservation, and in less than 2 minutes, the very gracious hostess was able to get an accomodating diner to scoot over and accomodate our needs. I'm sure there are waits for the counter, but don't let that keep you away. The vibe is friendly and eager to please...

        1. We (2) waited around an hour (...from 1:45, seated at ~2:45) on the Friday prior to Christmas. Next time I think I'll try around 3:30.

          And yes, it was worth the wait.

          1. I've dropped in a few times for lunch on the weekends (usually between 12-12:30) and never had a wait for the counter. I don't know how it is during the week.

            1. We are going next Thursday because we tried to get a reservation this week at lunch and everything was booked already, so as others have said reservations are necessary if you want a table. Can't wait to try it!

              1. We live only a couple of blocks away, and have tried to walk in a couple of times (including 3:30 on a weekday afternoon). Each time we were told the wait was 45 minutes to an hour. (And so, we have yet to try Mozza; I'm not willing to wait an hour to eat pizza a Regina's, and I'm certainly not going to wait that long for an LA upstart like Mozza.)

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                  If you insist on eating at a table, it's the luck of the draw without a res. I go there a lot, never with a res cause they are booked way out. Went there last night, 5:30, 3 people, got a table immediately with the proviso that we had to be gone by 7:30. I think best time to go without a res is abt 2:30, when the lunch crowd is almost all gone. Sit at the Pizza Bar, usually a 15 min wait if any at that time, and enjoy.

                2. At 2pm on New Years Eve I happened to be driving by with a friend and we stopped. The hostess cheerfully told us "only" a half hour, but we were seated in fifteen minutes.

                  1. We went to lunch at Mozza today and it was packed. Miss Spears was also there (in the back room of course).
                    The food is nothing exciting and like all the new "trendy" LA hot spots gets way too much Hype.
                    Squash Blossoms-only OK, I've had better other places.
                    Cauliflower Appy- good but not great.
                    White Striped Sea Bass- best dish of the day.
                    Pizza- goat cheese, shallots, bacon, etc, not great!
                    Fig Dessert- very good, but tough not delicate.
                    Probably won't be rushing back. One glass of wine 16-.
                    Campanille, Lucques, Grace, AOC, La Cachette, are much better for $100- for two (lunch).

                    1. As Chowpatty said, plan to arrive just before 12 noon. There's usually still street parking at that time, and you'll be able to walk right in and seat yourself at the pizza bar. I did just that on a Friday afternoon in mid-December. Sat at the pizza bar right in front of Ms. Silverton. It was fun to watch the whole pizza making/baking process. I ordered the sausage fennel pizza and a glass of white wine. I found this to be more than enough food for lunch; in fact, I could barely finish it. I think I've had the pleasure of tasting some pretty outstanding pizzas in my time, on both coasts of the US. The pizza I had at Mozza on that particular day was, dare I say, the best pizza I've ever had. No doubt in my mind. If I didn't live on the Westside, I'm sure I'd visit Mozza far too often.

                      1. I went yesterday at 2:30 and walked right up to the pizza bar. Nancy S. gladly draped copious amounts of room-temp prosciutto over my delicious pie.

                        I sat next to Batali's executive chef from Las Vegas, which was cool. No problem getting in. Loved every second of it. Late lunch is the way to go.