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Jan 10, 2007 06:12 PM

Chinese Banquet in Bay Area

Have you been to any nicely-decorated chinese restaurant with nice environment in bay area, (all the way from SF to SJ)? We are planning a wedding banquet, we have looked at Koi palace (nice decoration), and HK east ocean (nice view), just wondering if there is any other chinese banquet restaurant similar to those places in bay area.

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  1. Not worried about the quality of the food, only decor? If so, the number of venues widens vastly.

    1. True, quality of food also matters, that's why we look at Koi palace and East ocean first, as they have both decent food and nice decor

      1. Have you considered Dynasty in Cupertino? Stunnying decor (especially in the spacious rooms), food, and logically Silicon-Valley prices to match.