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Jan 10, 2007 06:10 PM

Brunch Buffet - Shanghai Red, the Warehouse, or Maison Akira??

I'm going to be taking my mother and grandmother to sunday brunch for their birthdays and I'm having a hard time choosing between Shanghai Red, the Warehouse (both in the Marina), and Maison Akira. The food at Maison Akira looks more intriguing, but the fact that the Marina restaurants are by the water makes them more appealing to me.

I need help deciding. Is the food at any of these restaurants MUCH better than the others? Does Shanghai Red have much seafood on their menu? If I do go to Maison Akira, is the ambiance going to make up for the fact that it's not on the water?

Please HELP!!!

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  1. I was at the Warehouse a while back and it was really disgusting. Buffet stations were not kept clean, food (lamb and chicken) was lukewarm and sometimes just outright cold. Although the outdoor patio can be very pleasant.

    Never been to Shanghai Red.

    I enjoy Maison Akira, but have never had their Sunday Buffet.

    I know it's pricier than the 3 options you've listed, but have you considered JER-NE at the Ritz in Marina Del Rey? A very good brunch.

    1. Maybe not as special as the listed palces..but the Sunday Brunch at the Universal City Hilton is pretty darn good!

      Also, Sunday Brunch at Inn of the Seventh ray is nice!

      1. More affordable then Jer-Ne, but better food than The Warehouse & most likely Shanghai Red's too is Cafe Del Rey in MDR:

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          IIRC, cafe del rey does not have a brunch buffet. its an order off the menu dealio.

        2. I haven't been to the other two, but we've been to the Sunday buffet at Maison Akira a number of times and always been pleased. It's not a huge buffet like the Universal City Hilton, but what they have is very good and it doesn't turn into a zoo either. Ambience is very nice, very peaceful which my grandmother loves.

          1. They would have to shanghai me to get me to Shaghai Red's again. The Warehouse should be warehoused for the rest of eternity. Don't know Maison Akira but have hear good things about it.

            What about brunch at the Marina del Rey Cheesecake Factory? Not 3 star food, but hey it's only brunch.