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Jan 10, 2007 06:08 PM

authentic oatcakes and Scottish Pub with laphroaig wee dram on west side?

hello - missing Scotland.
want to find Shetland oat cakes or at least oatcakes that are great. like the ones without added sugar and strange stuff.

in addition to oatcakes would be fun to find a scottish pub that has the mood and feel of the highlands.

westside would be great but doesn't have to be there.

doesn't have to have laphroag etiher.
fun if it does.

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  1. Surfas had excellent oakcakes last month without added sugar.

    1. where is Surfas?
      want to go there soon.
      finished oatcakes i brought back from Scotland.
      thank you.

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      1. They have Oatcakes made by Walkers & by Nairns at The Tudor House in Santa Monica:

        And a reasonable chance they have some at:

        The Continental Shop
        1619 Wilshire Blvd.
        Santa Monica
        (310) 453-8655

        1. You can get Nairn's at The Continental Shop in Santa Monica.

          Trader Joe's sells Laphroag.

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          1. re: Diana

            I was in the Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks and they had three kinds of Nairn's oat cakes, including my favorite fruit and spice ones. The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills carries Nairns also.

            I don't know of any Scottish pubs per se, but there are plenty of places that serve Laphroaig in their bars. You also can always pick up a bottle at any decent liquor store, and any specialty liquor store like The Wine House or Wally's will have a bottle. It's not that rare. Not like finding an Ardbeg 1978 bottling or a 21-year old Springbank. Those, I had to order specially.

          2. Mind if I ask what an oat cake is and what laphroag is?

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            1. re: Cinnamon

              I believe Laphroaig is a very special single malt scotch whiskey from, where else, Scotland...

              1. re: silence9

                this reply to is Cinnamon, think i hit wrong reply button. still learning here.

                in Scotland Oatcakes are very available and wonderful. sort of like wasa crackers in sweden or.......
                before now had found some not authentic oatcakes but this wonderful place and people have directed me to some proper ones.

                Laphroaig is an island whisky from Isla in Scotland. never drank malt whisky before recent Scotland trip. discovered i quite enjoy the island ones.

                and now to enjoy a wee dram with authentic oat cakes.

                kind regards