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Jan 10, 2007 06:00 PM

Restaurant or take out suggestions for vacationers to PHX.

Hi. I will visit PHX this spring. Can anyone offer suggestions for places to find the absolute best food. It can be American, Italian, Mexican...whatever. I am big on savory dishes, no dull flavors, don't like greasy, and can not digest most milk-products (with the exception of cheese and butter). I often favor grilled meats and fresh vegetables, starches (pasta, rice, baked potatos and fries), barbeque, southern-style desserts (i.e., cobblers)and dark chocolate, and pastries.


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  1. First stop off the plane for me is either Rito's at 13th and Garfield PHX.or Pollo Supremo on West University and Ash in Tempe. My other goal is to have pizza with CHris Bianco sometime during my stay- it is worth the wait

    1. Thanks! What is good to eat at Rito's.


      1. I have been visiting Phoenix/Tempe area for over 7 years. The best meal I have ever had was at El Barrio, which is, unfortunately actually in the barrio. It is in Phoenix. You have to make reservations.

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        1. re: MarianLibrarian

          Do you mean Barrio Cafe at 16th Street south of Thomas Road?

          1. re: Seth Chadwick

            I'm 99 percent sure it is Barrio Cafe. I just searched for "El Barrio" on Google and nothing came up. I live less than half a mile from there, and trust me Marian, you don't have to feel unfortunate about the area. There's all kinds of amazing food very close by, and the neighborhood itself is vibrant. It sure isn't North Scottsdale or Paradise Valley, but it's hardly the worst part of town.

            Merric, to respond to your post below, things to get there include the guacamole prepared tableside, the cohcinita pibil, and the churros with goats' milk cajeta.

            1. re: Seth Chadwick

              It is, indeed, Barrio Cafe. The area is not bad, at all, and there is ample parking within a block. They do not, however, take reservations and there can be quite a wait during prime dinner times. That said, the food is terrific. We've particularly enjoyed the mole and the cochinita pibil, but we've liked everything we've ever tried there. They also have a terrific wine list that includes many Mexican wines and a nice, informative section about the wines.

              1. re: Seth Chadwick

                Sorry, yes, I meant the Barrio Cafe. It was a couple of years ago. The area seemed a little seedy at night, but I'm sure it's "vibrant" during the day.

              2. re: MarianLibrarian

                You may be referring to El Bravo on 7th St near Northern. Great Mexican food. They have an outpost in Terminal 4 D at the airport, but it's not quite as good.


              3. What would you suggest to try at El Barrio?

                Merric 28

                1. To help narrow things down a bit more, where exactly in the Phoenix area will you be staying? Will you have a car? Also, what environment/atmosphere do you generally prefer? How much are you looking to spend per person?

                  Just curious.