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Appetizer needed, different recipe please.

A group of us neighbors are getting together to try recipes out on each other that we've never made before. My entree was easy, since I've been thinking about making Blackened Scallops topped with Crab Imperial. My question is; since I cook often there are not too many appetizers out there that I haven't made. So, I'm asking if any one has any ideas for a new appetizer. One that would pair well with the seafood. Any ideas???

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    1. re: rexmo

      No I haven't, what are they??

      1. re: Parrot

        Little meat filled cigars rolled up in phyllo pastry.

        Here's a recipe link . . .


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          That would be a great one, my boyfriend smokes cigars and so doesn't another guy in the group. Can they be made ahead and then reheated? Don't want to deep fry close to the time they arrive because of the "oil odor" that seems to fill the kitchen and dining room.
          But I love the theme!

    2. Is this a sit down first course or just a nibble kind of thing you are looking for like you might have with drinks?

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        I'm looking for an appetizer for a sit down dinner. Thanks.

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          I have a very good one from Frank Stitt's Southern Table cookbook. My e-mail is on my profile if you are interested drop ne a note and I'll sent it right off to you.

          It is baked creamy grits, molded in individual portions, plated crusty side of the grits up and surrounded by porcinis and country ham in a creamy parmesan sauce. It would be lovely before your seafood main.

          1. re: Candy

            I had those grits at his restaurant and they are to die for! Your post reminded me that I need to make them soon...

      2. It's hard to suggest something "new" when no one knows what you've made. How about the supposedly "new" thing for 2007--gnudis?

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          Yes, you are right...you'd don't know what I've made. But think of the mainstream appetizers...I've done most of them. So, I'm just looking for something different. Hope that helps! What are Gnudis??

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            Then you come right down to it, the insides of raviolis.


            Nice and airy and not too filling before a heartier main course.

            I don't know if you've done parmesan cups but I like them, too. Bake parmesan cheese in circles, when they come out, flip onto upside down muffin tin to make cups. Fill w/ whatever you want, maybe prosciutto and persimmons? Crab salad? Some kind of risotto? Parmesan cups have been around for years, though, so I don't know if they're "new".

        2. could you perhaps do a soup/bisque in small teacups as an appetizer? something seafood would obviously work well.

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            Soup would be a great idea! I'm trying to stay away from a seafood soup. Since it will take place by the end of this month...what would be a great warmer??

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              for a cold version, ceviche would work, but then you're dealing with seafood. As for soup, any type of bisque- maybe butternut squash? So many options...

          2. What about a Jalapeno Pie? So easy and the spicy kick would complement the smoothness of the seafood.

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              Would love the recipe...!! It may not work for this group, but I would like it for a starter for the 2 of us.

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                This is a total party-pleaser, not complicated but not exactly refined.

                HOT JALAPENO PIE

                2 7-oz jars jalapeno pepper, slivered
                1 lb. grated Cheddar cheese
                8 eggs, beaten

                Drain and seed peppers. Cut into long slivers. Arrange in bottom of a pie tin. Press grated cheese over the peppers (you can blend cheddar with jack cheese if you like instead). Beat eggs and salt and pepper. Pour over the cheese. Bake in 350 degree over for 25-30 minutes. Remove and let set for 3 - 5 minutes. Cut on the diagonal to create diamond-shaped slivers.

            2. Please don't give up on me guys...I'm still looking for suggestions & and I really appreciate the help!

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                Dear Parrot, in my chowhounding.com experience, chances for receiving responses to posts increase when you focus in on a particular ingredient or theme (ham, spanish-themed dinner party, etc) rather than just a general, fairly wide open post like yours.

                Also, have you searched the Home Cooking board for "appetizer" or something of that sort? That's helped me tremendously when I've been looking for a specific recipe or main ingredient.

                Hope that helps!

                1. re: gyp7318

                  Understand how you feel gyp, and in hindsight perhaps that would have suited my question (looking at the appetizer board). But, as it turns out...I've found the "cigar" recipe that would probably work best for the crowd I'm serving. Perhaps I would not have found that recipe if I did my own seraching. Afterall, that's why we're here!
                  So in the spirit of a chow forum, I've found that others can come up with some surprising replies!

              2. crab imperial is incredibly rich, so i'd avoid a heavy first course. i'd go with something lighter as a starter -- like watercress soup. there's also a sort of persian herb pie that's bound only with egg whites and is very flexible as to the greens you use. i'd definitely include assertive greens like escarole or baby spinach.

                you could also do individual raddichio cups with a sort of potato salad -- tiny cubes dressed with a strong vinaigrette of olives capers and anchovies...

                creamy appetizers tend to fatigue the palate. i'd go sharp.

                1. Goat Cheese and Carmelized onion tart with salad.

                  Pan fried eggplant rounds (flour dusted, s&p), top with a thick slice of fresh mozz, tomato, spring of basil and a little balsamic drizzle or pesto or marinara. Serve at room temp or bake for a few minutes.

                  1. Have you made scotch eggs? They're inexpensive and incredibly impressive looking if you haven't seen them before. They're also substantial, so if you have a number of men present, they should appreciate them.

                    There are three tricks I've found to improve the basic recipe. First is to add ground or chopped ham rind (the chewy but non-fatty out layer of a cooked ham, not actual skin, but slightly dry cooked meat) to the sausage meat, which makes it more texturally interesting and improves the flavor. Second is to put a thin layer of chopped parseley between the sausage and the egg. And the third is to use hard boiled turkey eggs, which are double yolkers, richer, and a definite conversation starter.

                    Oh, and I use wasabi and horseradish in the hot mustard mayonaise sauce.

                    This is the recipe I vary:


                    I'd recommend against using over-spiced sausage. I just tried a couple of Jimmy Dean's "Seriously Bold" sausage and it's seriously overseasoned. The eggs were actually made milder by the dipping sauce, rather than the reverse.

                    1. Had very good success with dates stuffed with chorizo and wrapped in bacon at Xmas. Perhaps something like that?

                      1. Thanks for the tip about the heavy first course. I do appreciate all the replies and recipes. The nice thing about this type of dinner is that it really extends your imagination and gets you out of your comfort zone. I will incorporate greens as a side dish, thats a great idea.

                        1. water chestnut wrapped in bacon but with a twist

                          Partially cook the bacon piece, wrap around water chestnut (secure with toothpick). Put in ungreased baking dish (9x13). Mix 1/2 cup br sugar, 1/2 mayo, 1/4 cup chili sauce - pour this over the water chestnuts. Bake uncovered for 30 min.

                          1. How about roasted sweet potato or yam wedges? I cut some up length wise(peel on), tossed them in canola oil, bit of salt and cumin, baked them in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. Tried these on my friends tonight. We all loved them. I'm sure other savory spices would work as well.