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Jan 10, 2007 05:42 PM

Food for grieving friends

Hello hounds,
We have some dear friends who are mourning the loss of their mother, and we'd like to send them some nice food. They live in downtown Boston, near the Common.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Much thanks.....

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  1. How about something nice from DeLuca's?

    P.S. You can get a lot of info & order via their website

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    1. re: kparke30

      Nice idea. DeLuca's roast their own turkeys and do an excellent deli platter.

    2. I've sent Burdick chocolates in a few similar situations, which seemed to go over pretty well. I decided that the chocolate mice might have seemed a bit too cute and festive, so I just went with chocolate assortments.

      1. This may not be the type of response you're looking for, but in Judaism it is traditional to bring/send food which is round (eggs, cake) as a symbol of the circle of life.

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        1. re: Scott the Poet

          We ARE jewish, and this is a very helpful thing too. I never knew that....thanks so much!

        2. Which side of the Common?

          1. I have given arrangements from Edible Arrangements before and the recipients love them. They are a healthy alternative for snacking and are also beautiful.

            You can also try Rumas Gift Baskets. Their gift baskets tend to be more substantial than just junk food.