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Jan 10, 2007 05:38 PM

Woodland Hills & Vicinity Eats

Having been in the WH area for a few months, here are the eats I have discovered. Please let me know if you have other good suggestions for the area. Most of the restaurants are in the $10 to $20 entree price range. I would like to find more cheap eats in the area.

Gorikee--WH (very good food for the price)
Corner Bakery--WH (great soups and sandwiches)
Tommy's--(okay burgers, very greasy)
California Chicken Cafe--Encino (super chicken and wonderful sides)
Chili My Soul--Encino (okay, but not enough of a variety)

Crazy Tokyo--WH (not bad for cheap sushi)
Brothers' Sushi--WN (good quality fish but not top-notch)
Shibuya--Calabasas (superb quality for price; absolutely wonderful)
Gochi--Encino area (good charcoal grill your own meats, premium short ribs are superb!; service can be mediocre at times)

A&W Seafood (only edible authentic Chinese in the area, but not comparable to San Gabriel Valley eats)
Mandarin Deli (decent noodles, but again not as good as SGV)

Milano's--WH (okay Italian food, bad service)
Cafe Bellisimo--WH (decent Italian food but not superb)

Poquito Mas--WH (good tacos and good fast-food style Mexican)
Casa de Carlos--WH (not bad, decent Mexican)
Sagebrush Cantina--Calabasas (decent food, not stellar but nice atmosphere)

La Frite--WH (good French food, not super cheap but not bad)
Ruth's Chris--WH (super steaks)
Weiler's Deli--WH (good pastrami, sandwiches, soups; not as good as Langer's but good for the area)
Kate Mantillini's--WH (decent comfort food but terribly overpriced)
Topanga Mall Food Court--good Korean food and good variety for upscale food court but not too conveniently located to the parking lot

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. A couple other thoughts while I'm at it, since this is my 'hood...

        Cafe Bellissimo is awful. When last there, my dining companion asked the server to send his compliments to the chef, Chef Boyardee. The entertainment is OK, the food isn't.

        Love Poquito Mas as well. Great fast-food. Casa de Carlos is expensive because they have so many 2 for 1 coupons out there. Without a coupon, it's not worth the price.

        We like Sierra's on Canoga/Vanowen. Same owners as Mission Burrito.

        Sagebrush? Food is OK at best, but the patio/bar area is great, especially in the summer.

        White Harte Pub (WH) is good, but can get a little loud since it's so tiny.

        Roys and Flemings on Topanga are really good for a special occasion meal, as is Kate's.

        Yang Chow for Chinese on Topanga.

        There is a new place in the Promanade Mall that I want to try, U-Wink. It looks interesting. Anyone been there yet?

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        1. re: CEfromLA

          UWink is pretty good. Can't beat free video games.. Even if they screw up your order it doesn't matter cause your playing some game... burgers are pretty good... salads, too. Full bar. Hot chocalate cake and ice cream.. can't go wrong if you got kids and they get squirelly, turn em loose on the multiplayer tables... still free. just heard they're doing half price apps. and pizza during happy hour and late nite.

        2. Just my opinion but, I tried A&W Seafood for the first time Saturday. I was not impressed. We were in and out of there in less than half an hour.

          Back to the subject at hand. In WH there's also Dan's Super Subs and Paoli's (I only get pizza to go here) on Ventura. In nearby Canoga Park- don't miss Cavaretta's Deli on Sherman Way.

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          1. re: OneJayneDoe

            Where you looking for authentic Chinese food at A&W? I agree that it is nowhere as good as anything in the San Gabriel Valley area, but it's the only decent semi-close Chinese food I can find.

            Yang Chow is not authentic at all. It's Americanized Chinese food comparable to Panda Express for someone who has grown up in the SGV.

            1. re: WHills

              Yang Chow comparable to Panda Express? Wow. For me you've earned the most-ridiculous-line-on-Chowhounds so far for 2007.

              1. re: bo_burger

                Yes, Yang Chow is Americanized food and nowhere close to authentic Chinese for someone who grew up on San Gabriel Valley food and had food in Hong Kong and China. I would doubt anyone who eats authentic Chinese would recommend Yang Chow's. Slippery shrimp is not a Chinese dish.

                It would be the equivalent of saying that Acapulco is great Mexican food to someone from Mexico, or that Kabuki is good Japanese to someone who grew up in Japan.

                1. re: WHills

                  What's funny is nobody made any claims about Yang Chow being "authentic." You just came out of left field with that comment. I've eaten well in the Mainland, HK, and Macau and all over the San Gabriel Valley. It doesn't make the best dishes at Yang Chow in Chinatown, Pasadena, or even Woodland Hills not good. Are all "authentic" Chinese restaurants good? Nope. Are there many good Chinese restaurants of any kind in that part of the Valley. Nope. Since the posting is about good places to eat in the Woodland Hills area, why don't you actually mention a good authentic place to eat Chinese in the Woodland Hills area if that is your beef?

                  1. re: bo_burger

                    There are no good authentic places to eat Chinese in Woodland Hills. I guess I was disappointed with all the raves about Yang Chow being the best Chinese in WH or in the Valley.

                2. re: bo_burger

                  I'd call it the likes of Panda Inn -- you DO get to sit down and be served, after all -- but a lot of the food tastes just like it does at Panda Inn.

                  Paoli's -- that's the place near the Poquito Mas, right? We laughed ourselves sick over the descriptions on the wine list... the food was just "eh".

            2. Try Nicola's Kitchen, 20969 Ventura Blvd. Italian style. Great salads, tasty pasta dishes, overall a very good place for a casual meal.