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Jan 10, 2007 05:24 PM

All Seasons in Calistoga?

I did a search on CH but didn't see anything on this bistro in Calistoga. I'm looking for a place in Calistoga for a light lunch; has anyone eaten here? Thanks!

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  1. All Seasons was a "regular" of mine back when I went to Calistoga more often than I do now. I always thought the food and wine and service were better for less money than the more touted places (always at lunch I should add). But I'm now out of date with it. You can find some comments about it here, nothing earthshaking but mostly positive, if you search using - "All Seasons" calistoga - in the search window. Better yet, go there and tell us about it :-)

    1. AHA! So the quotes are key - I did an initial search for "All Seasons Calistoga" (no quotes) and got a bunch of non-related posts, which led me to believe that there weren't any.

      Thanks for straightening me out - and yes, I'll report back!

      1. I would not recommend All Seasons. The quality has
        gone seriously downhill in the last 10 years. There
        are far, far better places for lunch, the best of which
        is Wappo Grill. (I'm a local.) At Wappo, there are wonderful salads, a seriously delicious Brazilian seafood chowder,
        especially the smoked chicken; a great (upscale) carnitas
        platter, and other offerings. The setting is quaint --it's
        a yellow "Victorian" house with a nice outdoor patio for dining
        when the weather is warm. I truly think it's your
        best bet for lunch. In any case, let us know where you
        went, what you ate, and what you thought.

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          Thanks for the rec - I'll check out their (Wappo's) website.

          1. re: maria lorraine

            Thanks for the local opinion. I take it you wouldn't agree with this Nov 2005 post (third post down) that slams Wappo and recommends All Seasons instead.


            1. re: Mick Ruthven

              Yep, I wouldn't agree with that previous post. Which is:

              "Don't know the last time you dined at the Wappo but I've stopped going after two dismal experiences. The word in Calistoga amongst locals is that my experience is all too typical. On the latest visit service bordered on the surly. Portions, which have never been generous, shrunk to the point where we left hungry. I had the shrimp dish which contained two half-dollar size shrimp. The owners of the Wappo expanded by acquiring the Smokehouse restaurant down the street. That turned out to be a major waste of their time and resources. I would pick the All Seasons Café over the Wappo any day."

              Wappo did indeed take over the old Smokehouse Cafe, but the concept, first as Wappo Taco (great duck soft taco there) and then as Fuentes, didn't thrive, probably because of the stiff competition and high rents in the area.

              That being said, for sometime Wappo Grill had a terrible problem with service -- it was slow, lackadaisical, inattentive, infuriating -- mainly because of inadequate staffing and training IMHO, but that seems to have greatly improved in the last 3 years.

              What I like about Wappo Grill are the developed flavors -- most all dishes have a fullness of flavor, and I really appreciate that. I like the setting as well -- sitting either inside the yellow "Victorian" building or out on the patio in spring, summer and early fall. The wine list is fairly good, and the selections are well-priced, especially for Napa Valley.

              I go here fairly often -- and I am extremely picky -- I adore great food and wine, and while I like certain dishes at other restaurants here in my home town, I seem to be consistently pleased with Wappo, especially now that they've (mostly) solved their service problem.

              By the way, forgot to mention -- their chile rellenos is made
              with walnuts and pomegranate sauce (it's actually the traditional version of chiles en nogades) and this dish rocks. Try it with rose champagne -- when I did my eyes nearly rolled back into my head.

              I've been disappointed the last couple of times at All Seasons. I thought the food was just OK, and of course, for the same amount of money, I can eat far better elsewhere. What is great about All Seasons is that you can buy a bottle of wine from their retail store, and then for just a small price extra,have it with your meal there.

              Everyone is entitled to their opinion and likes and dislikes.
              I go out fairly frequently in this tiny town, and that's my
              two cents' worth.

          2. So we wound up going to Brannan's for lunch - I sent DH to look at the menu of both Wappo and Brannan's, and he liked Brannan's better. He had the pesto chicken sandwich on focaccia (with small salad) and I had the pulled pork sandwich (with onion rings). Both were good, although it would have been nice to have more than just 4 onion rings. The focaccia in the chicken sandwich was somewhat sweet, which I thought odd but DH liked it. The pulled pork had maple dressing and figs.