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Jan 10, 2007 05:21 PM

Cheesecake Factory French Toast

Has anyone tried Cheesecake Factory's French Toast? Or have a suggestion on a good brunch alternative (limited to Cheesecake Factory items)?


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  1. I have. I actually had it some years ago when I was basically a kid.

    It's a GIGANTIC order of deep fried french toast. Sort of like eating a huge portion of Burger King French toast sticks. Add syrup and butter and it is probably the most uhealthy thing in the whole world.

    Huge, heavy, unmemorable, and filling about describes it.

    1. I've read about their avocado egg rolls, any body tasted them?
      Aren't on the menu here in canada

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      1. re: chezlamere

        CF avocado egg rolls are the very reason I go to CF in the first place! They are wonderful and the dipping sauce is exquisite! YUM!

        1. re: sheilal

          I totally agree - I think it's probably the best thing on CF's impenetrably huge menu. The dipping sauce is so fantastic that my wife and I typically ask for a couple of refills of it. The egg rolls themselves are delicious as well, but be advised that they tend to have a higher grease factor than you might expect.