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Jan 10, 2007 05:15 PM

ISO Bobo de Camarao Recipe

I am planning on cooking a Brazilian themed dinner tomorrow night and ever since I returned from Brazil several years ago I've been wanting to make Bobo de Camarao, a fantastic Shrimp stew.

I own two Brazilian cookbooks and neither of them have recipes for this. There are recipes for stews that I think are similar to Bobo (moqueca, etc.), but are not specifically Bobo de Camarao.

I have Dende Oil and any other ingredients I need to make it authentic are easy to come by here in NYC, I just need a good recipe.



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  1. Don't have a recipe to share, but I don't think bobo is similar to moqueca, except that they both contain dende (I think). Moqueca is seafood stewed with tomatoes, bell pepper, cilantro, and other spices, in a soupy broth enriched with coconut milk.

    Bobo, if I remember correctly, is much thicker and denser, perhaps with pureed squash or pumpkin, as well as peanuts, ginger, and dried shrimp, all ground to a paste. This is all from memory (I lived in Salvador, Bahia for 6 months several years ago), and could be wrong. Hope it steers you in the right direction!

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      Bobo is actually very similar to moqueca, just with added yucca which gets mashed up, accounting for the thickness. What you described is caruru, a paste of peanuts or cashews, also thickened with bread or farinha de mandioca, and traditionally served with acaraje. Though there is a lot of variation in recipes, so you may have had a bobo with some of these other ingredients.

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        Ah, thanks for the correction. All those tasty Bahian stews have gotten all mixed up in my memory. Wish I could get some comida baiana here in the San Francisco area...

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          most of the recipes are pretty easy, if you have the ingredients. If I remember correctly, SF has a pretty big brazilian population, so there has to be a brazilian store or two.

          i found this site though, which should give you some leads!

    2. Take a look at these:

      Do you read portuguese? If so, there's tons of recipes online.

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        If you don't, I'll be happy to help out.

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          i love using brazilian recipes... i pull out the tea cups and the requeijao cup... who needs exact measurements!