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Jan 10, 2007 05:09 PM

Best Italian Rum Cake and best Italian bakery

The Best Italian Bakery and Best rum cake in Manhattan?

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  1. The standard answers are Veniero's, DiRoberti's, Rocco's, and sometimes Bruno's. Opinions will vary as to which is best and for what, so you might want to try all four - the first two are around 1st Ave and 11th St., the other two are next door to each other on Bleecker Street.

    But I think the best Italian bakeries are in the Bronx. :)

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      Alfonso's in Staten Island...HANDS DOWN.

    2. Ok--so which ones in the Bronx do you recommend?

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        In Belmont on 187th Street: Egidio's and De Lillo's. On Arthur Avenue: Morrone's; also Madonia Bros., a bakery - not a pastry shop - makes a very good cannoli (and a great provolone bread, but that's another subject). Morrone's is a recent arrival that I've been very pleased with recently, especially their sfogliatelle and small lobster tails (better than the large ones).

        Some folks also like Enrico's in the Morris Park area, but I haven't gotten there yet.

      2. Villabate in Brooklyn is also top-notch. It's hard not to walk out of there with a dozen mixed pastries, in addition to whatever else it is you wanted.



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          As much as it pains me to say it, and Villabate's stuff is really pretty and varied,
          I dont think the things we have had there have been all that delicious. Are there special things you recommend?

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            We wrote about the fig ring last month--it was pretty fantastic. I've also had really good luck with anything they make that is either covered in marzipan or filled with something almond flavored. Their loaf cakes (when they make them) are also out of this world.



        2. Panaetico in Bay Ridge is good also.

          1. Fortunato Brothers
            289 Manhattan Ave