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Jan 10, 2007 04:57 PM

New Orleans Recomendations?

I'll be visiting NO for the NCAA basketball tourney in March with 3 friends. I am a Chowhound, and very adventurous, unfortunately my pals are, as Borat would say, "Not so much." We are staying at the Marriott on Canal Street near the French Quarter. I was thinking Acme Oyster and Redfish Grill might be good choices...exotic enough for me, but safe enough for them. Any other suggestions for casual, mid-piced places? Also, any tips on a sports bar in the Quarter, as well as any other fun nightspots would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Take your pals to Mother's for brakfast/lunch. They won't get scared there.


    The Old Absinthe House bar on Bourbon a few blocks from Canal would be a nice spot to stop for drinks and sports.


    Go to The French Quarter Bar in the Ritz Carlton off Canal and listen to some good jazz with Jeremy Davenport. Galatoires would be your best local restaurant for lunch/dinner if it does not scare your pals.

    1. Of all the places we ate in New Orleans the week we were there, the Clover Grill was one of our favorites for comfort food. We stayed in the French Quarter, just 1 block off Bourboun Street, and the grill was just a couple blocks away. Full of local character - with the most amazing burgers I have ever eaten. They also do an awesome waffle - but obviously this is not real high-brow cuisine... but if you're in the mood for an awesome burger, go there.

      1. I love clover grill, but do not go there if you and your friends are the least bit sheltered or homo-phobic.

        Go walk a couple blocks away from the quarter to the Warehouse District...cheaper restaurants, better bars, and younger cuter women in the bars.
        Food- Herbsaint, Cochon, Tommy's (they all have websites) all or moderate in price and great for food...
        check out the WWII museum while you are there

        I second mother's and also reccomend johnny's for po-boys and central grocery for muffeleta's both are in the quarter.

        Sports bars are few and far between here...the best is in uptown, Cooter Browns but in the warehouse district tuckers and gordon biersch are pretty good.

        1. LOL! First time I went to Clover Grill, I was told to "walk down Bourbon Street until it got shady. Then go another 2 blocks" =) They were totally right- and the burgers were totally worth it.

          My husband's a sporty, non- foodie guy. We spent 10 days there in April 04 and plan on going back another week this April for the jazz festival. You'll be able to find plenty of places where they'll feel like a foodie and you won't be sacrificing.

          I agree with the recs for Mothers, Central Grocery, and your suggestion of Acme.

          Now, at risk of getting flamed, here are some places where the foodies and non-foodies in my large group equally enjoyed their meals and were able to stay within a reasonable budget.

          Mulates (near your hotel)- live music and cajun food.
          Zyde-cue (on Bourbon, 2 blocks off Canal)- decent bbq
          Crecent City Brewhouse (on Decateur)- the only place we went to more than once

          They may surprise you. Something about that city makes people adventurous.

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            I do not mean this to be a flame, but Mulate's does not have good food. And there is better bbq to be had than at Zydecue's, if you want bbq at all in a city not known for it (The Joint would be the place to go). I'd suggest Praline connection before either of those.

            Remoulade on Bourbon St has a pretty wide ranging menu, and if you order carefully, you can get some good stuff (any oysters, turtle soup, etc) and your buddies can get pizza and burgers. Maybe try L'il Dizzy's for a buffet, there's good fried chicken etc. Coop's place should have something for everyone as well.

            1. re: JGrey

              I agree that Mulate's is never a place that I would recommend for the food. For some guys coming to NOLA for the NCAA tournament and some fun however, the Cajun dancing could be something they would really remember.
              Maybe there's a "beer palate" version of "beer goggles" that would help with the food or they could eat somewhere else before heading to Mulate's for a lesson in the Two-Step.
              You can pass a good time without eating every minute.

              1. re: MakingSense

                If one is looking to learn cajun dancing, I'd go to Mid-City Lanes on zydeco night, or the fais do do at 5 pm every Sunday at Tipitina's.

          2. I haven't been there since Katrina but I LOVED Olivia's in the French Quarter - nice atmosphere, pleasant owners and good food. Also can't go wrong with Commandore's Palace and NOLA.