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Jan 10, 2007 04:53 PM

All Star Sandwich? Any new updates?

Buzz on this place has just about died out. I was wondering if any recent diners have been more satisfied with the epxerience, especially the service issues.

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  1. The All Star Sandwich Bar? Is that place still around? :-D

    I've driven by it a couple of times lately and it looked pretty empty. I liked it the one time I went, but it is what it is (a sandwich joint). Personally, I'd rather go to Barry's in Waban or Strip T's in Watertown for my sandwich fix.

    1. I've been 3 or 4 times in total, and while my first visit, about a month after they opened, was a bit of a zoo, I still only waited about 15 minutes to be seated, and have never experienced the kinds of disasters that I've read about on the board. All in all I've had numerous excellent sandwiches, terrific fries, and a very good burger, and would not hesitate to go back.


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        ooh, you had the burger! I'd been waiting to hear a report on it.

      2. I was there a couple of weeks ago on a weeknight after a failed attempt at reaching Chez Henri's for a cubano -- parking was impossible. Parking in Inman went much better and since I was in a specifically sandwichy mood, All-Star's it was.

        There were only a few other patrons there so no wait and fine service. And the meals were just as expected -- my cubano was not CH quality but more than adequately kicked the craving. DC's mahi mahi with some kind of fruity relish was also solidly prepared, and the fries it came with were crispy and hot and delicious. Oh, the houndly highlight of the meal was the clam chowder we shared -- smoky, bacony, clammy, creamy, thick enough without being gluey. If I lived in the neighborhood, I'd definitely eat there more often for just that kind of casual meal with a decent beer to wash it down.

        1. A friend of mine who works in Kendall Square says he eats at ASSBAR (love that acronym) at least twice a week, and has never had the horrible seating/order problems people were complaining of early on.

          1. Do they still run out of Beef on Weck by dinner most nights? That's why I've not been back. I want only that sandwich and I can't get there for lunch (though I'm trying).

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              I was there for dinner on Tuesday night and ordered the Beef on Weck. The meat serving was generous, the jus was on the side and the service was attentive. There were only about 4 other couples in the place at 7 pm.